YouTuber and actor Dolly D Cruze, better known as Gayathri, recently died after a tragic car accident in Hyderabad on March 18.

YouTuber and actor Gayathri, better known as Dolly D Cruze, recently died in a tragic car accident. Bollywood Life reports that Dolly died on the spot after the accident while returning from a Holi party. The actor’s friend, Rathod, was driving the car when the tragic accident occurred on Friday night, 18th March, after their Holi celebrations.

During the accident, Rathod lost control of his vehicle and overturned after hitting a dividing line. Although the actress lost her life immediately, her friend Rathod was rushed to the hospital, but the doctors could not save him due to his injuries at the hospital. Surekha Vani, who played her on-screen mother on the Tamil series Madam Sir Madam Anthe, shared the heartbreaking news of her passing.

A Car Accident Claims The Life Of Popular Actor Dolly D Cruz

Surekha Vani shared the news on her Instagram page. While expressing shock over Gayathri’s death, she wrote, “How could you leave this mom..! Had really best times together..! Still, I can’t believe this..! Can u please Come back soon ra will have a nice party..! Heyy lot to share..! Many more to do together..! Come raa come..! This is not time to go its too early to leave us..! I dont wanna miss u..! Tcre..! Love u forever..! @dolly_d_cruze.”

Additionally to Gayathri and Rathod, another pedestrian, a 38-year-old woman, was also killed in the unfortunate accident as she was trapped under the car when it crashed and overturned.

Gayatri also had a YouTube channel named Jalsa Rayudu. She also recently acted in the Telugu web series Madam Sir Madam Anthe. The news of his death left Twitter and many of his followers mourning the sad demise of the star and trying to find out what the truth is. Unfortunately, no information has been released regarding the cause of the accident.


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