Mangal Pandey: India, a country called gold bird before the British came to India, which at that time was the confluence of all culture, teachings, arts, where the fragrance was spread all over the world. But the British spoiled that fragrance in such a way that it is difficult to even guess it.

The British made India their slave and at the same time committed many atrocities. At that time when any person was afraid to raise his voice against the British, then Mangal Pandey blew such a trumpet of rebellion against the British, which was always alive in the minds of the people. So let’s know the pride of India and some aspects of the life of Krantiveer Mangal Pandey.

Mangal Pandey Shot At The British Officer

Mangal Pandey, born on January 30, 1831, was constable number 1446 in the 5th Company of the 19th Regiment at Barrackpore Cantonment near Kolkata.

Mangal Pandey was deeply hurt by the discriminatory treatment of the British with the Indian soldiers and many other reasons. The discontent of Sainik Mangal was clearly visible at the Barrackpore Parade Ground on March 29, 1857.

Like Mangal Pandey Singh, the British officers started roaring. He shot Major Hewson on the parade ground and killed Lieutenant Bagh with his sword.

Battle Of 1857

Its foundation was laid when in 1853 the soldiers were given a gun named Enfield P53. This gun was more powerful and accurate than the older and used Brown Bass for many decades.

To fill the new Enfield gun, the cartridge first had to be cut open and the ammunition filled in it had to be filled in the gun tube and inserted into the cartridge.

The outer cover of the cartridge contained fat, which protected it from moisture i.e. water seal. Rumors spread rapidly among soldiers that the fat in the cartridges was made from pork and beef, which was against the religious sentiments of both Hindu and Muslim soldiers.

Although the moral-religious feelings of the soldiers were disrespected in the British army earlier, but this incident hurt the Indians a lot.

Most of the Indian soldiers, including Mangal Pandey, were determined to teach a lesson to the British and refused to use cartridges, but the British government too remained adamant on its insistence.

Pandey challenged his comrades at Barrackpore on 29 March 1857 to oppose this act and opened fire on British officers coming towards him on horseback. On coming close to the officers, Mangal Pandey also attacked them with a sword. He was arrested and court martialed. He was sentenced to death on 8 April 1857.

Mangal Pandey’s Uniform And Rifle Not Found

Earlier the date of execution was fixed as April 16, but the British officers were apprehensive that if Mangal Pandey remained alive, then the spirit of rebellion would be awakened among other Indian soldiers.

In this situation it will be difficult for the British to handle the situation. In such a situation, it was decided to hang him on April 7.

However, after refusing to hang the executioners, Mangal Pandey was hanged at the age of 26 years two months and nine days on Wednesday, April 8, 1857, at 5.30 am.

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