In the 2019 film Kabir Singh, Shahid Kapoor’s character was a chain smoker who also abused drugs and alcohol. The film also starred Kiara Advani.

Shahid Kapoor has said that his film Kabir Singh inspired him to quit smoking. Shahid played a surgeon Kabir Rajdhir Singh in the 2019 film, which was a remake of the 2017 Telugu film Arjun Reddy. In the film, after Kiara Advani’s character Preeti Sikka gets married to someone else, Kabir, who is already suffering from severe anger management problems, starts abusing drugs and alcohol, and also becomes a chain smoker.

Shahid recently revealed that the amount of smoking during the filming of Kabir Singh also played a role in quitting the habit in real life. He made this comment while opening up about his fitness regime, and shared that he doesn’t drink or smoke.

When asked how he looks young at 41 and if it is because of his vegetarian diet, Shahid told BearBiceps, “Some changes definitely, but I think eventually it’s all in your soul. It’s in your heart. It’s the emotions that drive you. Like I focus on my children a lot. Because they’re so much pure energy out there and it’s just an unadulterated, raw, beautiful emotion. I feel enriched whenever I spend time with them. It takes me back to the version of me that I loved the most, which was the child version of me, where everything was amazing. I just try and focus on that.” Shahid shares a six-year-old daughter Misha and a three-year-old son Zain with his wife Mira Rajput.

He added about his lifestyle, “Physically, I’m pretty disciplined when it comes to sleep now. I used to be a complete insomniac, and I flipped that after I had my kids. Because I decided that I need to run my day according to them because they can’t run it according to me. And I’m vegetarian, and I don’t drink. I have been a smoker on and off but now for a few years, I haven’t smoked. I think Kabir Singh kind of did it for me.” He added amid laughs, “I can’t. I’m done. I was done.”

Shahid is currently waiting for the release of his Jersey. The sports drama, which also stars Pankaj Kapur and Mrunal Thakur, will be released on Friday, April 22.


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