Hanuman Jayanti falls on Saturday, April 16 this year, which is Bajrangbali’s favorite day. Second, on this day Saturn will be sitting in Capricorn. This rare coincidence is happening after 31 years.

Hanuman was born on the full moon day of Chaitra Shukla. The festival of Hanuman Jayanti has come this year with a very rare coincidence. Astrologers say that this year Hanuman Jayanti is falling on Saturday, April 16, which is the favorite day of Bajrangbali. Friends, on this day Saturn will be in Capricorn. This rare coincidence is happening after 31 years.

This special conjunction of Saturn in Capricorn and Hanuman Jayanti on Saturday took place in 1991 before 2022. Hanuman Jayanti was on 30th April that year and that day was Saturday. On this day also Saturn was in Capricorn. Let us know what is the meaning of this coincidence and what is the auspicious time of worship this time.

In astrology, both Mars and Saturn are considered to be cruel planets. In such a situation, the defects of both the planets can be pacified on the day of Hanuman Jayanti. That is, due to these two planets, the problems in life can be easily reduced. Let us tell you that Hanuman ji was born on the full moon day of Chaitra Shukla in Treta Yuga. This day was Tuesday.

Shubh Muhurta

Hasta Nakshatra is there till 8.40 am on Hanuman Jayanti. After this Chitra Nakshatra will start. Both these constellations are considered good for auspicious and auspicious works. At the same time, Abhijeet Muhurta will be from 11.55 am to 12.47 pm. This time will be best for worship.

Happy Hanuman Jayanti Wishes

janm divas hai aaj raam ke param bhakt hanumaan ka 
pavan putr, mahaabalee hanumaan ka,
Happy Birthday Hanuman Ji

he sankatamochan teree pooja se har bigada kaam ban jaata hai
dar par tere aate hee bhakton ka agyaan door hota hai

karo krpa sab par he hanuman
jeevan bhar sab karen tumhen pranaam
jag mein sab tere hee gun gaen
haradam charanon mein tere sheesh navaen
Happy Birthday Hanuman Ji

bhoot pishaach nikat nahin aave
mahaaveer jab naam sunaave
naase rog hare sab peera
japat nirantar hanumat veera


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