BTS Jungkook shared photos with Jay Park, which he posted on Instagram on April 19. Responding to this, BTS ARMY demands ‘Jay Park’ to ‘Jungkook’s Freedo’, know why

Jagran Entertainment Desk: On April 19, Jungkook of BTS re-shared a post by Jay Park, in which the two are seen hanging out in a studio. On the same day, Jay Park posted pictures of himself and Jungkook. Taking to Instagram, he praised Jungkook. Photos show two South Korean actors posing together while showing off their sweet bromance. In one photo, Jungkook holds his hand around Jay Park, who is smiling widely. In the second photo, Jay Park puts his hand around Jungkook, and they’re both pulling out swag.

Sharing the picture, Jay Park wrote, “Being at the top, being humble and willing to keep improving… .john handsome ..even good at boxing.. after i met Jk i can definitely see why they get so much love. Humble ambitious and talented.” He praised Jungkook’s boxing skills and admired his being so humble even after being so popular and at the top.

Soon after BTS’Jungkook shared the picture on his Instagram many fans manifested a collaboration coming soon between the two artists. On the other hand, BTS ARMY took Twitter and flooded it with #jkhostagesituation and #FreeJungkook, #jkheldhostage. Wondering why? Let us tell you!

American rapper, singer-songwriter, record producer, dancer, and entrepreneur Jay Park is of Korean descent. Having left South Korea due to a scandal in 2009, And returned in 2010 as a solo artist and rapper after leaving the South Korean boy band 2 PM.

This rapper has also insulted and insulted BTS by tweeting about him according to BTS ARMY and fans don’t like him because they think he is using Jungkook of BTS for promotion. The BTS ARMY is concerned that Jungkook may have been taken hostage because he doesn’t know Jay Park’s true intentions.

One internet user wrote, “And if i trended this to free jungkook from the fake envious family, hybe’s dungeon and fandom disrespectful to him i’d be the bad guy. all this because he was seen in the studio with someone other than 6 others. mental illness.”

Meanwhile, the BTS Boys including Jungkook, V, J-Hope, Jimin, Suga and Jin are back in Seoul on April 19 after the conclusion of their BTS Permission for Dance concert in Las Vegas. In addition, RM of BTS did not join the rest of the band and remained in Vegas.


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