Ranveer Singh on Tuesday said his upcoming film “Jayeshbhai Jordaar” behaves like a Charlie Chaplin film, where an intriguing social issue is highlighted in an entertaining manner. Way. Directed by debutant filmmaker Divyang, the upcoming social comedy revolves around Singh K Jayeshbhai, the son of a village headman who is under pressure from the family to produce a male heir.

Things come to a head when her family learns the gender of her unborn child and decides to terminate the pregnancy, forcing the mild-mannered Jayeshbhai to finally step in.

“What I found amazing (in Chaplin’s films) is that you can’t stop laughing but it is talking about something tragic. This would happen in Charlie Chaplin’s films.”

“That is what resonated with me the most about this film. Charlie Chaplin had said once ‘to truly laugh you have to take your pain and play with it’. That is what I love about tragic humour, I find it the funniest because under the humour and entertainment, lies something that is all too real,” the actor said at the trailer launch of ‘Jyeshbhai Jordaar”.

Singh said the film addresses serious issues like female infanticide, domestic violence and others but in a comedic way.

The things that the Divyang is able to communicate with respect to these subjects all hope to reach and resonate with you through laughter and entertainment.

“The film will give you something, a message. Our hope is that you make a film with pertinent social issue and it resonates with you in entertaining manner,” Singh told reporters here.

The 36-year-old actor said that in real life he has heard about the serious issue of female feticide during his school days and added that it is unfortunate that it still happens in the society.

“It was taught to us in school. It’s very tragic and an unfortunate reality (that) these things happen and these are social ills that are still prevalent that Divyang has attempted to draw light on and tell people in his own way,” he said.

When asked if he would prefer to have a boy or a girl as a child, Singh, who is married to actor Deepika Padukone, repeated dialogue from the film and said, “It is not my choice, it depends on the god.”

Through his stories, Divyang says his primary goal is to entertain the audience.

“My first duty is to entertain. I am in sync with Ranveer’s vision. I want to entertain with inclusivity like people across all age group should enjoy. The challenge was the issues that we have faced. Be it patriarchy or masculinity, we all are fighting at our own level be it men or women. My primary job is to entertain but after you go home, if a seed is planted then…,” he added.

‘Jayeshbhai Jordaar’ also stars Shalini Pandey, Boman Irani, and Ratna Pathak Shah, who are known for roles in ‘Arjun Reddy’.


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