Anupam Kher recently posted a new video on his social media account, which will make every countryman proud. It was said by the actor that 99.09 percent of the people in India are like this. This brings pride to the heart. It is a very popular video on social media.

Bollywood actor Anupam Kher is in discussion these days about the film ‘The Kashmir Files’. He is also very active on social media. He is expressing his opinion openly on the issue related to Kashmir and the country. Now he has shared a new video (Anupam Kher New Video) on Instagram, which will make every Indian proud. This video is of a common man, seeing that Anupam himself lowered the glass of his car and was happy and captured this special moment in the camera.

First read what Anupam Kher has written about this video- ‘While going for a shoot in Delhi this morning, on a normal day on #AnilKumarMorya’s motorcycle, the chest widened with pride after seeing the tricolor of India. 99.09% of the people of India are like this. The tricolor revolves around in the heart. Rest .01% people are unhappy souls. Hail to #AnilKumarMorya! #TrueIndian #IndianFlag #CommonMan’

Looking at the video, it seems that Anupam Kher has stopped at the traffic signal. As soon as he sees that a bike rider has put the tricolor on the car, he cannot stop himself and starts making a video by lowering the car’s glass. The bike rider is surprised to see Anupam in front of him for the first time. Then very lovingly answer the questions of the actor.

Seeing The Tricolor Proudly Sewed Wide

Anupam Kher asks the person how long have you been traveling with the tricolor on the bike, then he told that when he rides the bike, the flag remains on. On hearing this, Anupam Kher’s chest widens with pride. He praises the person and asks for his name. He also calls her ‘all the best’ as she goes.

Let us inform that Anupam Kher was seen in Vivek Agnihotri’s film ‘The Kashmir Files’ released last month. In this, many actors including Mithun Chakraborty, Pallavi Joshi and Darshan Kumar have played important roles. It depicts the brutality of Kashmiri Pandits in the 90s, where they had to take shelter overnight in other states and faced many problems there too. The film touched the hearts of the audience and also earned tremendously at the box office.


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