Sanela Diana Jenkins: Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (RHOBH) Season 12 got a few glitches in the show’s trailer. Now, more has emerged about the show’s new “friend,” Sanela Diana Jenkins. Will she be too worldly and intelligent to the rest of the cast? Could she like Dorit Kemsley? Whatever goes down, fans already know that the season’s self-proclaimed “villain” will bring some spark and drama.

Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills – Fans See A Never-before-seen CV Like Diana Jenkins

Many of the actors in the franchise come from interesting backgrounds. However, many of them try their hand at business to overcome boredom instead of making serious efforts to improve their lives; Or someone else’s life, get at that. Some fans hate it when newcomers seem too boring, or don’t add drama to their families. Teddy Mellencamp comes to mind. While she looked pretty, fans couldn’t handle her lack of spark and her homey ways. Well, looks like they can’t blame Diana Jenkins on that.

Some fans of RHOBH are waiting for season 12, while others are waiting for Real Housewives of Dubai. Mostly, it seems that they do so because of the new faces and interesting places. New and interesting sure sounds like a fit for the newcomer to Beverly Hills. Maybe that saves the show from drunken tantrums and petty drama. In fact, as she claims to be a straight taker, there are likely to be a lot of fireworks. But, will his wit and tough personality outstrip OGs in the cast?

Jenkins Is The Newest Member Of The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

Bravo released Diana’s bio and fans immediately noticed that she seemed different from any of the other cast members. Bravohousewives shared it on Instagram and fans there wondered if she would simply outshine the rest of the cast. Sanela Diana Jenkins lived in communist Yugoslavia. Later when a terrible war broke out, she fled to Sarajevo, and ended up as a refugee in London, unable to communicate in English. Somehow, he got his own education and got a degree in “Computer Science and Economics” at the University of London.

The new RHOBH friend married Barclays financier Roger Jenkins, but it ended in divorce. These days, she is engaged to a singer/songwriter, and actor, Asher Monroe. This is where she can find something in common with the rest of the cast. But, his other achievements cast him in the shadow. These days, he is a “world-renowned philanthropist, humanitarian and human rights activist”. In fact, she established several foundations and projects, including the “Irnis Catic”, which provides funding to medical facilities at the University of Sarajevo.

Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills – Fans React To Diana Jenkins

More info arrived about the RHOBH newcomer. In fact, she works with AIDS awareness and won “the Enduring Vision award by the Elton John AIDS Foundation.” Plus, she heads up other businesses, making her impressively grounded, and a major achiever in life.

One Bravo fan commented, “Her resume gonna shake Lisa and Dorit.”

Then another fan wrote, “Educated and rich honey 300 million net worth.”  Meanwhile, someone else pointed out that since she is a friend of Lisa Rinna, she probably won’t be afraid of Diana. However, it makes for an interesting alliance. Most fans agreed that they are really looking forward to seeing how she influences the direction of the show and the other women in the cast.

Be sure to catch up on everything happening with the cast of RHOBH right now. Come back here often for more Real Housewives of Beverly Hills news, and updates.


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