Bhagalpur Explosion — Bihar’s Bhagalpur district was the site of a fierce explosion on the late night of March 3, 2022 (Thursday). Everyone was terrified by the loud noise. It echoed throughout the city. Several houses were destroyed. At least 14 people were killed. Dozens were injured. Many are in critical condition. Patna authorities have also been called in to investigate the incident.

At 11.30 pm on Thursday night, Naveen Fireworks’ two-story house in Kajvalichak of the Tatarpur police station area was blown up by a horrific explosion. The house was totally destroyed. At least five people died in the explosion. One by one, the bodies were pulled from the rubble. A total of 14 people have died. Twelve others were seriously injured.

By observing that people within a radius of four kilometers of the explosion site felt the tremors caused by the strong earthquake, we can determine the magnitude of the explosion. After feeling the vibrations in the houses, people came out of the gardens and began gathering information.

Due to the sound of the blast, some people talked to neighbors about the cylinder explosion, but the situation became clear soon after. Police, fire brigade, and other emergency vehicles sounded their sirens to clear the area. Thousands of people gathered at the scene. The SSP himself took command of them.

As soon as they heard of the incident, SSP Babu Ram, DIG Sujit Kumar, and DM Subrata Kumar Sen arrived at the scene and took stock of the situation. After police forces seized the spot, two JCBs were brought in and the work of removing debris and evacuating trapped people began immediately. To determine the type of explosive, the DIG also engaged a team of FSL to investigate the incident. Local residents, including Deputy Mayor Rajesh Verma, BJP District President Rohit Pandey, LJP leader Mrinal Shekhar, Ward Councilor Dr Preeti Shekhar and Chand Jhunjhunwala also assisted the police forces in evacuating the injured to Jawaharlal Nehru Hospital.

A 60-year-old man identified as Ganesh Mandal alias Ganesh Singh is among the dead. Police are trying to identify two children, including a woman. Eight people have been injured. It is believed that more people may be trapped under the debris. This may lead to an increase in the number of injuries and deaths.

The DM has ordered a team of doctors to be dispatched to Jawaharlal Nehru Hospital to treat the injured. An alert has been issued for one team. Five ambulances have been dispatched. Debris and explosives around it have been recovered by a dog squad.

Two people who were preparing crackers have been taken into custody. The man is being questioned at Tatarpur police station. On the lower floor, the blast is supposed to make a bomb at night. The plastic box containing powerful explosives was said to have exploded after pressure was applied to it on the lower floor. FSL and the police have stated they will give the correct picture as soon as possible during the investigation.

The blast was so strong that it could be heard in most parts of the city. People living in areas such as Urdu Bazar, Ramsar, Vikramshila Colony, Rikabganj, Jabbarchak, Ishaqchak, Laluchak, Tatarpur, Parbatti, Khalifabagh Chowk, Kotwali, Sarai, Ramsar, Nayabazar, Mundichak, Adampur, etc., felt the tremors in their homes. They feared an earthquake. Houses were evacuated. As soon as the Tatarpur police reached the spot, they realized the severity of the situation and immediately notified the fire department.

There was gunpowder trade, it is reported. There were also bombs made. The business went under the guise of fireworks. It is being investigated. Sniffer dogs have also been brought in. The forensic team has arrived. For a long time, there was a balloon of smoke in the sky above the site of this accident. There were broken window panes scattered on the streets of many nearby houses.

Bhagalpur Explosion List Of Injured

Rinku Kumar Sah is 30 years old, Ayesha Mansoor is 25 years old, Soni Kumari is 30 years old, Naveen Kumar is 32 years old, Rahul Kumar is 12 years old, Vaishnavi Kumari is 3 years old, Ganesh Prasad Singh is 60 years old, Jaya is 35 years old, and Shravan Kumar is 27 years old. There have been 14 deaths, including Ganesh Singh, Urmila Devi, Rajkumar Sah, Lilavati, and Pinky’s child. Debris is still being removed. The situation will be clear only after the debris is completely removed.


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