Adam Bidappa, the son of fashion designer Prasad Bidappa, has been charged with sending obscene messages to Sanjjanaa Galrani, according to a police report.

Sanjjanaa Galrani filed a police complaint against fashion designer Prasad Bidappa’s son Adam Bidappa for sending obscene messages to her. Since Friday night, Sanjjanaa Galrani has received obscene messages from Adam Bidappa, she claimed in her statement to the media. Subsequently, she filed a police complaint with the Indiranagar Police Station. Several months before she filed a complaint, she spoke with members of Bidappa’s family.

Sanjjanaa Galrani’s Statement

Hi many people are calling me for byte, i don’t want cheap publicity or make news for wrong reasons so i refrain from making any statement,

Me and my family are very shocked, WhatsApp has been attacked by a particular Vivip’s son who is a brat. He was completely drunk and out of consciousness when he sent me these messages on Friday night at 11 pm on 25th February.

We have taken necessary legal action against him. The messages are abusive, cruel, hateful, cheap, hurtful, very abusive, and have caused me a lot of mental distress over the past week. As you all know that I am seven months pregnant and abstain from indulging in anything that creates negative energy in my life.

But time and again I am being dragged into such situations by people without any option. I am not going to intrude in anyone’s life but if anyone creates such distraction in my life then he will not be spared and he will have to face legal consequences.

Anyone who makes comments without any proof and accuses me of defaming me and my family will not be spared legally.

The last one or two years have been extremely challenging for me in terms of handling my life, but spirituality and my positive nature and outlook towards life are still propelling me forward with the support of my family.

I have a lot of respect for the father of this VIP brat who has been attacked by me so only minimal action is taken so far. However, when I spoke to her mother she was very clear that this is her regular habit of harassing people. With no connection, he makes random attacks after getting drunk. And I am really sad for his parents to go through this. But I am helpless I need to protect myself.

Necessary legal action has been taken by my legal team to save me and my family from threats from this vip brat

I want to finally say to today’s adults and youth that making derogatory remarks on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp, or any or every social media platform and insulting any person is not something that can be enjoyed for pleasure. can be seen in the light. fun. You can get into serious trouble and be imprisoned for up to three years under section 66. Challenging the modesty of a woman also comes under section 354. It is not accidental to harass anyone with dirty calls/messages and comments and now easily walk away.

Parents please make your kids aware of what they do as our cyber crime cell is very active and can find your physical address within minutes through IP address and arrest the defaulter and arrest the accused can be legally destroyed.

I will not be available to take any call on this. I do not want any relaxation in cheap publicity.

I am very grateful to Karnataka Police for taking necessary steps. A proper inquiry is being conducted to find out who were all the others present in this party who were further involved in initiating this heinous outrageous act.


Adam Bidappa Arrested

Police quickly acted in this and arrested Adam Bidappa from Kodagu. In a statement to the media, Deputy Commissioner of Police for East Bheemashankar S. Guled said, “One lady had complained against Adam Bidappa that she is being harassed by Adam through obscene msgs. Hence a case was registered yesterday at Indira Nagar police station and Adam has been secured by police to enquire/investigate into the complaints made.”


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