Seemapuri, Delhi’s Old Seemapuri area was the scene of an incident where an Improvised Explosive Device (IED) was found on a suspicious bag, reported news agency ANI.

PTI reported that a threat call was received regarding the suspicious article and that special cell teams rushed to the scene.

The National Security Guard (NSG) has been notified, and police are evaluating the suspicious bag found in the Old Seemapuri area.

Two unclaimed bags at the Trilokpuri Metro station in the national capital led to a bomb scare earlier last month.

However, the bags turned out not to contain anything suspicious. Also on that same day, Delhi Police received a “hoax” call regarding a bomb near the Jamia Nagar Metro Station in the southeastern part of the city.

A senior police officer reports that a suspected bomb was placed in a car by the caller. The battery of the car was wrapped and placed inside the car when the car was parked there.

The development follows the discovery of an IED stuffed with RDX and ammonium nitrate in an unattended bag found at the Ghazipur flower market in the city. It was later diffused.

Where Were The IEDs Found In Delhi

The police recovered the IEDs at two locations of East Delhi – Shahdara and Seelampur.  “An unidentified bag was found in Shahdara district. We found a bag from the spot and are checking it,” a police official was quoted as saying by news agency IANS.

Seelmpur And Shahdara Bomb Threats Handled By Delhi Police

An official told news agency ANI that Delhi Police and Fire Department received a bomb threat at 2.15 pm.  The first incident was reported from Shahdara area, police said. At the same time, another call was received about a possible IED at New Seema Puri. “The call is regarding IEDs. We are taking it seriously,” said the police official.

What Is The IED?

Generally, an improvised explosive device (IED) is a bomb that can be constructed and deployed differently than a conventional weapon. Typical military explosive devices are composed of conventional explosives attached to a detonating mechanism, such as an artillery shell. Often used as homemade bombs, roadside bombs are IEDs. As part of terrorism or in asymmetric unconventional warfare, IEDs are commonly used by terrorists and guerrillas in a theatre of operations. During the Iraq War (2003-2011), insurgents extensively used IEDs against U.S.-led forces, killing roughly 63% of coalition forces in Iraq by the end of 2007. Over 66% of coalition casualties in the 2001-2021 Afghanistan War have been caused by them. Insurgent groups have also used them in Afghanistan.

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