Ukraine — Students and family members held their breath after strong explosion started at five in the morning in Ukraine. Since the Russian army attacked Ukraine on Thursday morning, there have been strong explosions. The loud explosions have caused the students and their families to lose their breath. Harkiv airport was damaged during the attack. The situation of war has caused all flights coming from Ukraine to India to be canceled. On the other hand, the embassy is also gathering information from medical students from time to time, for which a WhatsApp group was also created by the embassy for the students living in different cities. Additionally, the embassy has instructed all Indians that, in case of an emergency, if the alarm is raised three times, everyone should attend the nearest metro station with their luggage, so everyone can be sent to a safe location.

20 to 25 students from the district have gone to Ukraine to study medicine, which is in Poltava, Kharkiv, Dolphin, etc. Rajendra Sharma, Section Officer of Panchayati Raj Department, said his son Keshav is a third-year MBBS student from Kharkiv city of Ukraine. Besides Keshav, there are also Sneha’s daughter, Muskan and his Delhi resident relative from Chhotu Ram Colony. Rajendra reported that he spoke with Keshav and the rest of the students, and that the daughter of a relative of a Delhi resident had left Ukraine to come to India, but due to the closure of the flight, was lodged in a hotel in Kiyu, while the flight remains closed until further notice. has given. Other students also reported that their food system had detrteriorated, and the mess where they used to eat had been closed. Therefore, they have brought dry rations from the nearest store, so they can cook themselves. Fear dominates the air, which makes it impossible for anyone to step outside of their homes. Dev, a resident of Vijay Nagar, is pursuing his second year MBBS from the Ukrainian city of Kharkiv, who has reached his home at around 4 am on Wednesday. Other students have not returned.


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