Community connection has an important role in the various Departments in India. As we know in 1970 we were greatly inspired by the couple doctors of Primary Health Care delivery, which has a significant role in the observation to take out of a Scrutiny Healthcare in Ahmednagar Maharashtra.

It is both within and outside the country also. In our nation, there was a major important cultural gap between Healthcare staff Such as nurse-midwives and rural beneficiaries, tribal beneficiaries who are Significantly preventing delivery and tendentious Healthcare services.

This observation realized that the staff of health workers selected by and from within the community and they is also responsible for their community and accountable to the community would have greater congeniality with people.

It has great participation in Healthcare delivery services.

Community gives their important role in various parts such as family planning, Women empowerment, Sanitation campaign, Mob lynching, compromise of community tension, etc.

Let’s discuss more the various parts of the community in which community connections have an important role.

In the first, we discuss family planning in rural or urban areas and have a common connection.

One difference between rural or urban areas is education. We know that education numbers are more compared than in rural areas. So it is clear that there will be a lack of knowledge and we can say that the mentality situation will not be grown so much compared to urban. If we create a program to show the awareness of family planning in the urban area it is not very difficult but it became more difficult in rural areas because due to their mentality of people, they would not be open out with the weakness or shyness.

Here community connection is more important to give awareness for family planning by the people. Things become more difficult without awareness and create so many problems that affect the community people or the community.

In India women empowerment has a  great role, in politics or education, women take part equally like men. Now the women are in politics and the government has decided to give one-third reservation for the women in the lower house of parliament.

But not only political rights bring improvement in women’s rights. As we know now women are more powerful in many areas of India.

Our country has always been ancestral, So according to our mind, the first priority is always a man. So there is thinking which weakens women’s rights.

Automatically we can say lack of community connection.

On the other hand sanitation campaigns are also a major part of the community.

Without the interaction of community sanitation campaigns would be a failure. If Everyone allows the unit to support the campaign which is very beneficial for us and fruitful.

In this case, the country needs some strong support for these types of campaigns. If we are powerful automatically our campaign will be more powerful to ensure our presence in India.

Generic tension – It is most often used to mob lynching. Mob lynching is a premeditated extrajudicial killing by a group. But there is a negative role of community connection which is for harm only. If everyone will be aware of a good cause so these instances of lynching would not happen. Nowadays India Struggles with this.

Lynching is an illegally occupied way of punishing somebody by an informal group.

It is most often also defines as public executions by a mob who wishes to punish a mentioned violator.

In 1970 Gujarat Asha came in the doctor group, They are working as a community member for serving the people and giving their services in Healthcare. Now government Healthcare employees as Asha Healthcare workers.

Nowadays The Important Fact That Recently Asha Workers Influenced By The People

Important facts

A recent incident with an Asha worker, attack on Asha Healthcare workers when conducting a program for COVID-19 survey. The reason for the attack is the National register for citizens which is the survey of the people including names of father, mother, and person name. There is some misunderstanding between the people who are responsible for attacking Asha Healthcare workers.

People were thinking she was a government national register of citizens agent who reflects the Inferiority of our community health worker program or our community health worker programs in away.


Community engagement is a Stipulation for risk communications which entails effectively Interconnect the threat due to the coronavirus.

Coronavirus dripping the right solution and manners and fighting rumors of the virus. Currently, the government machinery solution to communicate risk has a solid solution in upper and Middle-Class departments very well.

We know that with COVID-19 moving fast towards rural areas.

As we discussed above the community will be needier to give their major role in the rural areas.

There are some facts of rural awareness generation and community engagement became more important to improve the mentality of rural areas.

Why Has It Become So Important This Is The Question?

  • There are some points given below which are the answers.
  • Community engagement with local Panchayat
  • Disseminating publicity material in local vernacular
  • Participation of civil society organizations.

First, we discuss the community factors which are local panchayat, Disseminating publicity material in local vernacular, and participation of civil society organizations.

Community Engagement With Local Panchayat

By the local values, cultures & believe we can fight the coronavirus. Just make it simple like community engagement has to follow on a war footing alike to the production of ventilators and masks our anti coronavirus campaigns would be a success.

Livelihood Problems

Due to the coronavirus, the population of India may suffer from the  flood disaster, in this point, if little bit of awareness in the community like we cannot collect the food item in the form of stock.

Return Chances Of Coronavirus And Be Remain Quarantine

There is increased repeat lockdown due to the coronavirus likely to mostly testing public patience and cooperation with regards to community engagement.

We also need to remember the trust Shortage between health workers and the public.


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