Chief Minister KCR announced that Lockdown extended till 29 May in Telangana, In between existing the Corona crisis in the country, the lockdown in Telangana has been extended till 29 May. Chief Minister KCR has announced this. Side by side with increasing the lockdown, several new guidelines have also been issued there. All over the total 7-hour cabinet meeting, Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao said, ‘People want the lockdown to be increased.

CM of Telangana State has informed the Prime Minister about his decision. K Chandrasekhar Rao said that there are orders from the central government to open shops in the Red Zone as well, but we are not opening any shops in Hyderabad, Medchal, Suryapet, Vikarabad

The public should be complete the buying of essential commodities by 6 pm and should reach their home as soon as possible as per some restrictions under lockdown. The curfew will be in the state from 7 pm. Along with KCR said that if anyone is found outside during this time the police will take action. It is conversant that the lockdown has been imposed in the entire country till 17 May.

Please tell that there are 1,096 cases of coronavirus in Telangana so far. Of these, 439 people are undergoing treatment, and on the other side 628 people have been healed of the disease so far.

On the other hand, despite the ongoing lockdown (COVID-19 Lockdown) in the country, the number of infected people is increasing very fast every day. The total number of infected people has crossed 46 thousand. As per the latest data released by the Health Ministry on Tuesday evening, the number of coronavirus infections in India has increased to 46711. As per information last 24 hours, 3875 new cases of corona have been reported and 194 people have died. Exact within the same time, 1583 people have died due to corona in the country so far, although it is a matter of relief that 13161 patients have also been successful in defeating this disease.

Why Lockdown Was Increased In Telangana.

The number of coronavirus patients in the country is constantly increasing and even more worrying is that the states have opened a lockdown by opening liquor shops in the wake of revenue collection.

The central government has announced the lockdown till May 17 all over India and there is no talk from the government on what will happen after that. Despite this, the Telangana government has extended the lockdown to last till May 17. A situation of chaos has been created among the people. After all, why was the Telangana government in such a hurry to increase the lockdown?

Corona Report

The rate of increase in the number of coronavirus infected patients in Telangana is much lower than in other states. We can understand this truth in this way. On April 28, the total cases of Corona in the entire state were 1009 and till Tuesday night the total cases were 1085 i.e. 76 cases have increased in Telangana in the last 7 days and only 3 people have died in these days. In such a situation, the question arises why the Telangana government is not running step by step with the central government.

21 Districts Had Become Corona Free In Telangana

On 28 April, the Telangana government declared 21 districts of the state as corona free and said that now mainly corona is left in Hyderabad. The opposition is raising questions that if the state was in such a good state then K.K. Why is Chandrashekhar Rao’s government now making such a hurry to increase the lock down?

Is The Telangana Government Misusing Lockdown?

The Telugu Desam Party alleges that the Chandrasekhar Rao government is resorting to lock-down to hide its wrong policies and schemes. It is believed that the government thinks that if the lockdown is opened then special pressure will be made to provide relief to the farmers, laborers, and students because the promises made during the election were still not fulfilled. The Opposition has been accusing the Telangana government of doing anti-people work under the garb of power for a long time.

It is worth mentioning that 1085 patients of Coronavirus have been reported in Telangana while 585 people have either recovered or have been discharged from the hospital. So far 29 people have died due to coronavirus in the state. Along with advancing the lockdown, the Chief Minister has said that he should buy essential items by 6 pm and After that people have to stay at home. The curfew will start in the state after 7 pm.

The state government of Telangana is going to take all precautions in view of COVID-19 in the conduct of exams, he said.CM of Telangana said about the emigrant workers and the state government would facilitate the travel of emigrant workers who want to go to their own places.

Notwithstanding, there are lakhs of migrant workers, which cannot be sent at once as the Telangana government has to send the list of workers to the state where they would go, he said.

He is saying that he has spoken to the chief ministers of UP, Bihar, and others, it will be difficult for the states concerned to maintain the arrival of a large number of workers immediately, as arrangements have to be made vis-a-vis arrival of workers.

CM said 11 trains were being sent from Hyderabad to different states on Tuesday. Highlighting that economic activity is going to start in the state, he appealed to the migrant workers to try to stay back as they would be able to find work soon.

CM of Telangana said some 1,200 workers would be brought from Bihar to work in rice mills in the state. Approx 20,000 workers who are willing to come are also going to come to the state, he said. Rao has announced the opening of liquor shops in the state from Wednesday, except 15 shops in containment zones. Notwithstanding, social distancing, and masks are a must, he said.KCR is talking about a new electricity bill reportedly proposed by the Centre, he voiced strong opposition to it, alleging that it would take away the powers of the Centre.


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