Food Disaster Might Be In The World: Un, Wto

In the US, A person’s death is equal to a matter of national concern and now the situation is caused by the pandemic disease COVID-19. The US  has nothing to solve this situation. As per the numbers till the date, the US has a  large number of deaths that is 1 lakh to 2,40000 lakh. 

Global Agencies head warned Upcoming major food disaster in the world or we can say a food shortage. The world can face this situation if the authorities fail to manage it.

If we think about why is it so, there is a reason for the COVID-19 crisis because the Government of every country in the world has put their population on lockdown. That is a result of a severe crisis in food shortage or supply chains causing the severe slowdowns in international trade. There are some factors that make this issue in a very early position as People are buying the foods or other things in large quantities that will be the reason for food shortages. That has already demonstrated the fragility of food supply chains as the supermarket shelves emptied in the country.

Food and agricultural organization of the United Nations that leads the international efforts to defeat hunger, Improve agriculture and fisheries, Forestry and ensures Giving good nutrition.

FAO  head announces that due to the uncertainty of food shortage restrictions in the export field. So we don’t need to panic to buy all the food items in large quantities because it will be a great cause for the shortage of it. We should avoid such things or activities. There should be some measures to stop such things and we can start some new efforts to stop such things. Food is the primary concern for every person in the world however lockdown is going on. 

The WTO and WHO also has the same concerns about food security. We all know about the COVID-19 crisis. In the between of COVID-19 lockdown, Every effort must be made to ensure that trade flows as freely as possible.

Countries are in the process of a health protection system and securing the food shortage. we should avoid the food shortage.

Countries should ensure that trade-related measures Do not break the food supply chain.

Global Report On Food Crisis 2019

Let us understand the food crisis in previous years such as 2019. According to the 2019 Global report on the food crisis, there are some highlights which indicate the face of millions of people who tackled every day against acute hunger and malnutrition in 2019.

Global Report On Food Crisis 2018

We have 113 million people around 53 countries experiencing acute hunger. Countries required urgent food nutrition and livelihoods facilities and assistance in 2018. The worst food crisis in 2018 as per the order of severity there was Yemen, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Afghanistan, Ethiopia, The Syrian Arab Republic, Sudan, South Sudan, and northern Nigeria. These are the eight countries and approx two-thirds of the total number of people who are facing acute food insecurity. it is near to 72 million people.

Global Report On Food Crisis 2017

As per the report in which an estimated 124 million people around the 51 countries faced acute hunger. Likewise as per the previous report in 2016,2017 and 2018 over these past 3 years report shows a consistent decrease year on year. These are periods of acute hunger. We can see a modest decrease between 2017 and 2018  which are attributed to changes in climate shocks.

Let’s Look Again At The Short Review


Food crisis-affected people


Millions of people


113 millions


124 Millions

A number of highly affected countries did not experience the intensity of this pandemic disease COVID-19. but these countries were affected many times due to the food crisis for other reasons. 

COVID-19 disease is putting large stress on public health systems around the world. We know that millions of people around the world are in some form of quarantine and nobody is safe from it. The human toll will be high and that efforts to turn the tide over carrying heavy economic cost. To solve this situation of an even greater toll shortage of food for millions of people of the world immediate actions to minimize Collapses to food supply chains Food crisis is the current global crisis which is caused by high food prices caused by poor growing conditions and the rising cost of fuels and it is also related to the changing supply and demand measures of foodstuffs so it is so-called a crisis. The country solves out every solution year by year in which we faced this type of crisis but today the food crisis due to the coronavirus.COVID-19 has been spread around the world and affected many people. We need global coordination and immediate response to prevent this Public Health crisis from the shortage of food crisis in which people cannot find or eat food as we can say the food crisis needs immediate actions.

Steps Forward

As per the above, we should all learn from our recent past history report and don’t make the same mistakes twice. While every country faces its own challenges, coordination between the Government and the Full Scale of sectors and skate holders is of high priority. Currently, we are facing a global problem that needs a Global Response.

We must ensure that every food market is functioning properly and the food prices information on their production, consumptions, and stocks of food is available or not to all in real-time.

These steps will reduce shortages and allow the producers, consumers, traders, and processes to make informed decisions, and the first important thing to contain unwarranted panic behavior in the global food market.

Some of the poorest countries are still unknown about the health Influence of the unfolding pandemic disease. Still, we can say with the positive that any ensuring food prices as a result of poor policy-making will be a humanitarian disaster that we can avoid.

Firmly COVID-19 Recall us that  Coordination is not a charity but it is common sense.



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