Medical college students Naveen Ok Razak and Janaki Omkumar hit the limelight with their 30-second Instagram video of them burning the dance flooring to ‘Rasputin’

‘Rasputin’, the Boney M. hit from 1978, has been revived because of a Tik Tok problem that has seen folks from completely different walks of life rocking to the beats of this golden oldie.

The quantity that celebrates Grigori Rasputin, notorious in Czarist Russia for his mysterious and sinister proximity to Czar Nicholas II, had been an enormous hit within the late Seventies and early Eighties; in January and February 2021, ‘Rasputin’ turned common and generated hundreds of thousands of movies of individuals matching steps with the evocative beats.

When dancers Naveen Ok Razak and Janaki Omkumar, college students of Thrissur Medical College, Kerala, determined to step it up for the track, they by no means thought the video would go viral inside hours. A 30-second video of the duo burning the ground with their nimble toes and nifty strikes has taken Instagram (@naveen_k_razak) and Twitter by storm. ‘Take more chances. Dance more dances’ posted Naveen on his Instagram deal with together with their dance.

“Both of us are members of Vikings, a dance group in our college that is well known in Thrissur for our performances. Before COVID-19, we used to participate in competitions conducted by colleges. During lockdown we had performed some split screen dance performances,” says Naveen, a closing yr pupil from Mananthavadi, Wayanad. Naveen says it was his seniors who honed his dance strikes after he joined the faculty. Thiruvananthapuram lady Janaki Omkumar, a 3rd yr pupil of the faculty, has learnt dance for eight years.

Both of them level out that that they had no clue in regards to the Tik Tok Just Dance problem that had made the track a rage amongst dance afficionados. They had chanced upon a 15-second video of Vanesa Seco, a widely known choreographer, burn the ground with the dance they usually determined to do a 30-second video on the identical track.

“One day, after classes, when we were still in our scrubs, we practised for about two hours and performed the song. The first few steps were what Vanesa had done in the video. The rest was choreographed by us. It was recorded by Naveen’s classmate Musthak Ali K,” says Janaki.

While their batchmates are naturally thrilled in regards to the immediate fame of their buddies, Naveen’s and Janaki’s mother and father too are pleasantly stunned by the recognition of the video. “I posted the video in our family WhatsApp group and then my parents, Razak K and Dishad Razak, began getting it from other groups. Apparently the video was shared on Twitter, and from there it went on to WhatsApp and was shared by thousands,” says Naveen.

Janaki says that her mother and father Dr RV Omkumar and Dr Maya Devi have been pleasantly stunned by the recognition of the video that has garnered 1,86, 633 views and counting. What subsequent? “Exams are around the corner, house surgency…. and so on,” says Naveen.


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