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In the whole world, Friends have come in the app market to compete against the more popular Tik Talk between lockdowns. This is an app like Friends app is an Indian app that works exactly like a tick talk. We can see 50 lakh people have downloaded this app. This app is becoming increasingly popular.

After the controversy between the recent tick talkers and YouTubers, users are now switching to the Friends app. Users say that we will support our country’s app. This app has been launched a month ago. It is being said that Shivank Aggarwal has created this app by a student of IIT Roorkee.

After searching the free app on the Google Play Store, the friend’s app number seven is visible. On this list, there is Arogya Setu on the first number and Tick Talk on the second number. If you talk about ratings, the friend’s app has got more ratings than Tick Talk. While Tick Talk has a 1.6 rating, the Friends app has received a rating of 4.7.

PMs often use the word friends in their speeches. This app has been named after being inspired by this. However, there are many types of shortcomings in this app, which the users have sought to fix. This is absolutely free on Google Play. However, it is currently for Android users and is not available on iOS.

Friends, the Indian app to beat the tick-talk, was launched in April. In a month of launching, more than 50 lakh people have downloaded this app so far and the friends app is also becoming increasingly popular. Let me tell you that due to the controversy between the Chinese social media app Tick Talk and YouTube, the Renting of Tick Talk is getting reduced considerably and more people are also uninstalling it.

Friends (Mitron) Ace has become the second most downloaded app on the Google Play Store in a month of launching. According to media reports, 31-year-old IIT Roorkee student Shivank Aggarwal teamed up with his team of fewer than five people to form Android Base app friends. In Hindustan, the word friends are used for friends. Also, the word Friends is often used at the beginning of a speech by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.


Friends App Rating Better Than Tik Talk

The Friends app is exactly like the Chinese app Tik Talk. It provides an easy interface to users, where users can create, edit, and share videos. If we call this app the Indian version of Tik Talk then it will not be wrong to say this.

By the way, due to the ongoing dispute between Tik-Talk and YouTube, the Friends app has gained a lot of popularity and more people are downloading it continuously. Talking about the rating, the Friends app has more ratings than Tick Talk on the Google Play Store.

The Chinese app Tik Tok is often in the discussion for some reason. Along with this, the demand to ban it has been raised many times. In this critical situation of lockdown, the Indian app friends are suddenly competing against the Tick Talk app. I want to tell you that my friend’s app also works as a tick talk. This app has become so popular in India that you can guess from this that more than 50 lakh people have downloaded it so far.

Let us know that after the tussle between the app Tik Talk and YouTubers, a large number of users are now switching to Indian app friends. Users have their own logic behind this. By the way, this native app has been launched a month ago and its popularity is increasing. This app has been created by a student of IIT Roorkee.

Be aware that by visiting the Google Play Store, users can download the Friends app. By the way, Tik Talk has got a good rating from friends app. However, changes can be seen in the coming times. Recently there was a demand in India to ban the Tik Talk app once again for content like an acid attack. Along with this, the rating of the app has also suffered a big loss.

There is information Chinese app Tik Tok is in Conversation from time to time. Earlier, there has been a demand to ban this app once again with content like an acid attack. Meantime, an Indian app like MitTik Tok (Mitron) has arrived.

Within a very short time, the popularity of the Mitron app increased and currently according to the Play Store it has become one of the popular apps in India. There is important news that it was launched a month ago.

As per the information the app, which was launched a month ago, has been downloaded 50 lakh times so far. If you see at its download in the initial stages, for now, it seems to be competing with the Chinese app Tik Tok.

Tik Tok Is Under Intimidation, This Is The Reason

There is information about the Mitron app has come at a time when people are continuously reducing the rating of the Tik Tok app in protest. The Situation is that the rating of this app has reached 1.5. As per the news, there are two reasons behind this – the first reason is the roast video made by YouTuber Carrie Minati about Tik Talk.

As per the news, An Indian YouTuber named Carrie Minati called a Tik Tok user in his YouTube video, after which YouTube deleted Carrie’s video. So far as Carrie Minati (real name Ajay) has YouTube subscribers and fans in crores, her fans started lowering Tik Tok’s ratings. There is information about such content related to Tik Talk’s old and such acid attack was made viral and the matter reached the Women’s Commission.

Mitron App Will Benefit In Two Ways

As we can see Tick Talk is a Chinese app and recently PM Modi said in his speech that people have to be vocal for local. Indignation is being seen in some people against China for the origin of coronavirus.

In such a Condition, an Indian the app has come up just like Tik Tok, so people will definitely want to try it once.

Notwithstanding, it is too early to say whether this app will overtake Tick Talk or it will come at par. Due to Tik Talk is popular in many countries other than India and behind this is a big company called Bite Dance.

As per the latest report, Mitron is currently at number 11 in the Google Play Store Free Apps Chart. Although it has come above it too. As per the Information, as notedArogya Setu app is at number-1 in this list, while Tick Talk is at second and WhatsApp at third.

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