10 May 2020 is Mother’s Day. This day is dedicated to my mother. This day considered a day to bow down to the mother’s contribution and motherhood. How it will be celebrating Mother’s Day started, let’s know about it-

Mother’s Day will be celebrated on 10 May this year. On this day, everyone pays respect to the mother. Mother’s The day started in America in 1912. Anna Jarvis was a distinguished American activist. Who loved her mother very much. He was never married. He also had no child. Ana Jarvis has started this day to express love after the death of his mother. After, on May 10, the tradition of celebrating all over the world started. Lockdown has been started in the entire country due to Coronavirus.

Because of which you cannot take your mother out for dinner somewhere. But you can also celebrate Mother’s Day with your mother by staying at home. There are only a somedays has left for Mother’s Day. In such a situation, Aapal can congratulate his mother on Mother’s Day with a special message. Today we are going to tell you some such messages and Shayari by sending your mother and you will win her heart. If you want, you can congratulate the mother on this day by putting the status of the mothers on your mobile. 1. There are numbers of Thousands of flowers are needed to make a garland, thousands of lamps are needed to decorate an aarti, thousands of drops should be made to make the sea, but a mother is the only one who enough to make the life of children heaven

Somebody has told the truth that God cannot exist everywhere, so he has made the mother. It is the most unique gift made by Mother God. We celebrate mothers Day on the second Sunday of May every year. As per on this situation Mother’s Day will be celebrated on 10 May. This day is dedicated to all mothers. In every person’s life, the mother is the woman with whom he shares all the things in his mind. And if we talk about the mother, no matter how bad her child is for the people of the world, she is the sweetest. Perhaps that’s why no one can understand the mother’s love.

Mother’s name is the word which comes on the tongue that faces full of motherhood and compassion in the mind and the brain comes in front of the eyes which we all called mother. Mother’s Day started in America in 1912. Anna Jarvis was a distinguished American activist. Who loved her mother very much. He never married. He also had no child. He started this day to elaborate and distribute love after the death of his mother. Later, on May 10, the tradition of celebrating all over the world started. A lot of countries including India, the second Sunday of May is celebrated as Mother’s Day. On this occasion of  Mother’s Day, every son and daughter wishes his mother with various gifts and surprises and takes blessings.

Mother is the ocean of Mamta, who selflessly serves her child. Then whether the mother is near or far. His love never falls short. Mother’s Day or Mother’s Day is celebrated on May 10 every year to honor her. On this occasion, people bow down to their mothers, take care of them, and also give them gifts. Along with this, people also wish each other happy Mother’s Day. However, due to the coronavirus epidemic, all the festivals have disappeared this year.

How To Celebrate Mother’s Day In Lockdown

Lockdown is declared in the entire country due to Coronavirus. The third stage of lockdown is going on in the country. In this situation we can see people are fighting in the houses and fighting the coronavirus. Celebrate this day memorable with your mother by staying at home on 10 May. We should Dedicate this whole day to the mother and everyone in the house should celebrate this day as a celebration. Many people have even made preparations for this. People have already ordered the cake. As per the celebration of  Mother’s Day as a memorable day in lockdown, people have specially made preparations by staying indoors.

Mother is the greatest and unique gift from a man to God. This time on 10 May Sunday, many countries of the world including India will celebrate it. On that day people will bow their heads in front of their mother’s love, sacrifice, and Mamta. On Mother’s Day, people of all ages will wish their mothers by giving them gifts and gifts. So if you want to celebrate that day in a special way, then do something like this.

Give A Handwritten Note

In the digital world, people give wishes by calling, messaging, and video calls, but believe it will be most special if you give a hand-written note. For this, you write a small letter, thanking the mother for selfless service and love. You can give notes with morning tea or surprise them by placing notes under the pillow.

Make A Cake On Mother’s Day

You have enough time in lockdown to make Mother’s Day special. For this, make cakes at home. This would be the best tip to thank the love and service of the mother in particular. When ready, surprise the mother with the family.

Home Salon

All salons are closed due to lockdown. On such occasions, you can do your mother’s pedicure or manicure. Salon kits are available at home, so you can also cut hair. This will make the day special for the mother.

On This Day, Give Mother Breakfast In Bed

What better tips for children to celebrate Mother’s Day? When your mother cooks breakfast for you every day. Make breakfast for your mother on Mother’s Day. This effort of yours can bring a smile on your mother’s face.

Clean The House

On this day, you can share your work with the mother to make her feel special. The mother is taking special care of the entire house due to the coronavirus epidemic. In such a situation, you should do all the work of the mother on Mother’s Day and let them rest.

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