Good News For Salman Khan Fans, Know Here.

Good News For Salman Khan Fans, Know Here.

Bollywood's 'Dabangg' Salman Khan is busy shooting for Bigg Boss 14 these days. Soon his show is coming back to entertain the audience. But apart from this show, Salman Khan will also shoot his upcoming film 'Radhe' soon. The shooting of this film will be resumed from October 2 at ND Studio in Karjat. After this 15-day program, the final shooting will also be done at Mehboob Studio in Bandra for patchwork. Let us tell you Along with following the standard operating procedures (SOPs) set by the government, some extra precautions will also be taken to ensure the safety of the team performers and crew.

As per the news, they will be shooting the film on the outskirts of Mumbai and to avoid the day-to-day travel, the production team has booked a hotel close to the studio. Let us tell you While maintaining the highest level of security, no member will be allowed to meet any outsider during the shooting period. As per the information, A source close to the production shared, "The first round of the Kovid-19 trials have been done on the entire crew and none of the results have come positive. Let us tell you The second test will be conducted on the closest people on the set, which includes actors and core teams. As per the information the crew has also been informed about the protocol to be followed on the set through a special video to avoid last minute confusions. Let us tell you, Salman Khan is accurate in taking complete precautions on the set, with his suggestions there will be a doctor.

Sohail Khan, who is producing the film with brothers Salman Khan and brother-in-law Atul Agnihotri, said that they are producing an air bubble and all modes of transport will be regularly sanitized.“Let us tell you We are happy that the shooting of Radhey is going to start again. Let us tell you We made sure to provide a safe environment for the entire crew of the film. As per the news, All departments will have to test for Kovid-19. We are making an air bubble. All modes of transport will be sanitized. Let us tell you A health and safety officer along with a doctor and an ambulance will be present on the set. Let us tell you Signage and color bands will be made for the division and will be followed. ”

Let us tell you Bollywood actor Salman Khan will start shooting for his upcoming film Radhe: Your Most Wanted Bhai after a 7-month break in lockdown. Let us tell you Salman will shoot the film on 2nd October at ND Studios in Karjat. As per the information The final patch-up work will be done at Mahboob Studio after a 15-day shoot.

As per the report, to avoid day-to-day travel during the shoot outside Mumbai, the production team has set up a hotel near ND Studio where all the technicians will be staying. Let us tell you They will not be allowed to meet outsiders during the shoot. As per the news The corona test of the entire crew has been done, in which all the negatives have come. Let us tell you A second test will be taken soon, which will include actors and the core team.

As per the report, the crew has been informed about the protocols to be followed on the set through a special video to ensure there is confusion. Let us tell you the source said that Salman Khan's own personal team will be present along with the team of doctors to practice hygiene and discipline on the set.

Sohail Khan, who is producing the film Radhe along with brother-in-law Atul Agnihotri, told the Times of India that doctors and ambulances along with safety and health officers will be present on the set. Transportation mode will be sanitized every day. Let us tell you They will be given color bands to divide the team into different parts and identify them. As per the Bollywood guidelines, instructions have also been given to the team to destroy the PPA kits and masks used.

Good News For Salman Khan Fans, Know Here.

On one hand, where Salman Khan's show Bigg Boss 14 is about to start, on the other hand, he is now ready to start work on his projects too soon. 

According to media reports, Salman will soon start shooting for the film 'Radhe'. For this, the corona test of the entire crew has also been done, in which the report has come negative. It is being told that the shooting of the film will begin this Viking.

In this case, attention is being paid to all security arrangements before the shooting. According to media reports, the shooting of the film will begin this weekend and will be completed in 15 days. Before starting the shooting, the entire crew has also been tested, the report of which has been negative.

According to media reports, the protocol that has been followed on the sets to the entire team has also been told through video so that there is no confusion at the last moment. Simultaneously, a team of doctors will be called on the shooting set so that discipline remains. At the same time, the vehicles used for movement during shooting will also be sanitized. Apart from this, an ambulance will always be present on the set.

Let me tell you, the Corona crisis is still not averted. Although many people have started shooting. Earlier, Salman Khan had told how scared he was during the Corona crisis. He told that he himself was a little scared of going out and this fear still persists. This fear is not for the family, not for themselves, because there is a little girl in the house. He was talking about sister Arpita and Ayush's daughter Aayat. Also his parents and Helen ji, the parents of some friends who are senior citizens who live with Salman Khan, who is hugging or touching their feet, kissing is very common, but now it has also become difficult. There is a fear somewhere. '

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