He died in Kerala by feeding crackers filled with pineapples to an elephant. There is an all-round condemnation of this incident. On the other hand, a similar case is also reported in the Kollam district. It was said that about a month ago, an elephant died due to injury to his mouth. An official said that in April, the jaw of the elephant found in the forest range of Punalur division of Kollam district was broken and she could not eat anything. Forest officer said, ‘Hathini was separated from her flock. Her jaw was broken and she could not eat anything. She had become very weak. When the forest officials approached her, she ran into the forest and joined her flock. The next day she again fell ill from her herd. She was then treated completely but could not survive.  

‘Crooked pudding has to be investigated’

 Another official said that investigations are on. It is feared that some people fed him a cracker in the food items, the explosion of which hurt his mouth. On the condition of anonymity, the official said that a post-mortem report is awaited but it is very difficult to investigate in such cases. Animals travel for many kilometers in a day, so finding out where the incident occurred is quite challenging. Meantime, Kerala Forest Minister K Raju said that he has sought a report from top forest officials regarding Hathini’s death. In Silent Valley, Hathini was unable to eat anything because she had chewed pineapple-filled crackers and cracked in her mouth. Forest Conservation Chief Secretary (Wildlife) Surendra Kumar said that the incident took place at Attapadi in Silent Valley and he died on May 27 in Veliyar River in Mallapuram district. Surendra Kumar said that he has given instructions to arrest the convict. The matter came under discussion after Mohan Krishna’s Facebook post The matter came to the public’s attention after Forest Officer Mohan Krishna posted an emotional post on Facebook. He wrote a post about the death of Hathini in the Veliyar river. He wrote, ‘When we saw her, she was standing with her mouth in the water. There was a feeling in her that she was going to die now. And she stood up and went into the flood. Krishna has also shared a picture of the elephant standing in the water, deployed for the task of bringing the elephant out of the water.

 Renowned industrialist Ratan Tata Ratan Tata got very Emotional. Brutality caused by a pregnant elephant in Kerala has shaken the entire nation. A pineapple full of firecrackers burst in his mouth and he died in agony. This incident has left every common and special person restless. There is a lot of anger about this painful accident on social media. Celebrities from the fields of Bollywood, Business, Politics, etc. have also expressed their complaints giving their reactions. Users are demanding strict action against the culprits of this case. See select comments. Renowned industrialist Ratan Tata Ratan Tata wrote that I am surprised to know about this incident. How some people got together and killed an innocent female elephant by feeding them pineapples filled with firecrackers. There is no difference between such crimes against innocent animals and the intentional killing of humans. Actor Nitish Bhardwaj expressed anger on his A Facebook page saying “I AM ANGRY, SAD, ASHAMED” Is this why God gave the man a high level of wisdom? Then why should we not expect corona or cyclone to wipe us out? If humans continue to do bad deeds like this, then we are only eligible to be wiped out by nature.This killer should be prosecuted.  

Vivek Ranjan Agnihotri wrote,

In this country, they worship Ganesha and kill Gajraj. She was also pregnant, whose name was Uma Devi. Uma Devi Mane Parvati. The most dangerous species on this earth is #Man. If the people who do such acts could not bring fear, then law and society are probably worthy of disasters like Corona, Cyclone, and Earthquake because both the mother and the child in pain are in the sky. It will collide somewhere, if not today or tomorrow. 

#Riphumanity #Rlephantdeath, #Keralaelephant

Tarun Viraj Wrote,




We Deserve Corona..!!!

We Deserve Cyclones..!!!

We Deserve An Earthquake.!!

We Deserve To Die..!!

 Tarun Acharya wrote, posted this post with a very sad heartAfter all, what has happened to man,Perhaps you are suffering the fruits of your actions.


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