Has BJP been hijacked by Amit Shah and Narendra Modi? 2 Aug,2023

The Genesis of a Political Leviathan

Waving a skeptical hand to the political wind often uncovers intriguing narratives, and the story of Narendra Modi and Amit Shah leading the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is a salient example. It's almost like a Bollywood drama infused with political thrill, an unfolding narrative dense with ambition, strategy, and immense power. But the question twinkling in the corner of my eyes and potentially yours is - has BJP been hijacked by these two gentlemen? Has it transformed from a collective platform to a stage spotlighting just two actors?

It’s as if the BJP has fallen into an episode of an intense sci-fi series where a great beast is taken control of by two intelligent beings. Being a fan of sci-fi and board game enthusiast, the parallels I draw here between politics and my interests might sound funny or peculiar— yet similarities are uncanny. For starters, both require strategy, intelligent moves, and often, diplomatic talks to keep things moving in your favor. It's essentially like having the chessboard of BJP moved by two primary players- Amit Shah and Narendra Modi.

And, just to set the record straight, the opinion that this duo has usurped the party's operational reins is not necessarily mine or yours but largely echoes in public square discussions, dhaba tête-à-têtes, and twitter threads. It feels like everyone’s talking about this perceived intrusion, even my Labrador Buster seems to listen attentively whenever there’s a news debate about it on television. He tilts his head at Shah and Modi's face, indicating he recognizes the men because he's seen them so often on the screen.

Piloting the BJP Ship: A Strategic Govt or One-Man Show?

A sneak peek at the way BJP is functioning unequivocally reveals that the Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, and the Home Minister, Amit Shah, are the ones ruling the roost. Their dominance is seen in contentious policy decisions, from economics to foreign relations. But then, isn't it what leadership is all about? Influence does come with authority, doesn't it?

The transformation that has led to the centralization of power didn't happen overnight, folks. It was a forced march, wherein deliberation was always served on the table, reflecting clever political maneuvering. For example, in the case of the Goods and Services Tax (GST), a complex system transformed into a singular financial architecture was primarily driven by this duo. They ensured their strategies were met despite resistance indicating their hold on the policy-making majority.

While this could be seen as them hijacking the party, another perspective would argue that the duo represents strong leadership with a clear vision. It's like when I am team leader on my favorite board game, "Settlers of Catan". I make decisions and lead my team to victory. That doesn't mean I am hijacking the game; it's just a reflection of my strategic approach. But then again, politics isn't a board game- it's serious business impacting millions of livelihoods.

Looking into the BJP Looking Glass: Deciding or Dividing?

The claim that Modi and Shah have hijacked the BJP stems from the observation that they have centralised decision-making power. Moreover, the old guards, who might not agree with their style or strategies, are reportedly sidelined. It's a mystery box, pretty similar to 'Schrodinger's Cat' situation. We can only know what's happening inside when we open the box, or in this case, when someone from inside chooses to speak.

Remember, the concept of a collective, or samuhik leadership, has always been dear to the BJP and its larger ideological family, the Sangh Parivar. From the streets of conversation snippets, it appears as if this idea might be under threat. It often felt like the same when I, with Buster accompanying me, observed local Seattle politics. A single influential voice tends to overshadow many others- and sometimes, that's not the healthiest sign for inclusive politics.

Nonetheless, it is undeniable that this duo has significantly influenced the course of Indian politics. They've certainly lent a new identity to the BJP. The extent to which this consolidation of power is healthy or worrisome is a prism through which you might look at this with an air of optimism or rub your eyes in discontent.

The Verdict: Empowered Leadership or Stealthy Coup?

Despite constant chatter and documented evidence of Amit Shah and Narendra Modi's significant influence over BJP, it's tricky to conclusively state that they've hijacked the party. Politics has always been a game of perceptions, and in my experience, perceptions are clingy companions of subjectivity.

Every coin has two sides, much like Seattle's unpredictable weather. While looking out my window today, I see a thunderstorm brewing offset by the charm of a radiant rainbow. Similarly, the duo's dominance has its stormy criticisms counterbalanced by applauds for their strategic prowess. They have morphed BJP into a party that is roaringly popular amidst a large section of the populace, which could be reminiscent of leadership rather than a coup.

If the followers and members see this as a more streamlined, decision-making process and they are okay with it, then the claim of party highjacking seems invalid. It's only if voices within the party start to sound alarm bells is when we get an idea that perhaps things aren't as rosy as they seem. So, folks, until Buster starts barking at their faces on the television or the party members voice distress, I'd conclude by saying that it's more of an empowered leadership at play rather than a political hijack.

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