Let  us tell you Joe Biden stands on behalf of President Donald Trump and the Democratic Party. As per the news, The fight between the two is being told.  As per the news is now coming that big stars of the entertainment industry and RapperKanye West is also going to contest the presidential election. Let me tell you he has made a big announcement on social media.

Kenny West Will Contest The Presidential Election

The Kanye West Can Be New President of the USA In the Place Of Donald Trump.
Rapper Kanya West

Let us tell you this announcement of Kanye West has trended on social media. Let us tell you It is very important to contest the election of Kanye West, who supports president Donald Trump. Let us tell you Now, how much time he goes in this race, this time will tell but his announcement is increasing curiosity in everyone. Let us tell you Kanye has also started getting the support of big celebs on his decision. As per the news  Elon Musk, the chief executive of Tesla Company has given his support to Kanye. Let us tell you They tweet and say- You have my full support.

The Desire Was Also Expressed Earlier

The Kanye West Can Be New President of the USA In the Place Of Donald Trump.
Donald Trump

As per the news  Kanye had also expressed his desire to become President before but then he had made up his mind to contest the 2024 election. Let us tell you he said that he is going to contest the 2020 elections is important in many ways. Now it is difficult to tell how much Kanye has an understanding of politics, but he has met President Donald Trump on many occasions. Let us tell you He also got a chance to go to the White House with his wife Kim Kardashian.

As per the news Presidential elections are going to be held in the US in November this year. In a situation, President Trump is completely on the public’s target of the health crisis spread in the country. On the other side, Kim Kardashian’s husband and rapper Kanye West has also announced to contest this time.

Let us tell you Kim’s husband Kanye West tweeted, “We must now believe in God to make America’s promise a reality, bring our vision together, and build a future.”

As per the news, This tweet from Kanye West has been endorsed by Kim Kardashian with the US flag. Kim has been in the news since this tweet. Some people consider her to be the First Lady of America and some are trolling her for thinking so. In addition to Kim, Elon Musk has also supported Kanye. Kanye had expressed his desire to become the President of the US in 2015 itself. He had said- There will come a time when I will become the President of the US.

Let me tell you that Kim married rapper and fashion designer Kanye West in 2014. Kim has been married twice before Kanye. He first married Damon Thomas in 2000. As per the news, Both of them separated in the year 2004. He then married Chris Humperis in 2011. Both were divorced in 2013.

Let me tell you that protests started all over America after the murder of black George Floyd in Minneapolis police custody. After which rhetoric started against Trump everywhere. Many Hollywood stars condemned the Trump administration via tweet.

Rapper and musician Kanye is set to contest the West American presidential election. Kanye tweeted in a tweet on Saturday (July 4) that he was involved in the US presidential race.

The 43-year-old musician, using the ‘2020 Vision’ hashtag, said he was preparing to enter the presidential elections. We must now remember the promise made to America by trusting in God. We should think about the future of the country by uniting our vision. I am going to contest the presidential election in America.

Rapper Kanye West tweeted on Sunday that he will participate in the presidential election that is to be held in 2020. Let us tell you West’s wife and singer Kim Kardashian West has flagged the US flag in replying to this tweet. Let us tell you  The best-selling rapper is America’s most famous hip-hop artist. As per the information The songs written by him have a political and religious theme.  Kanye West runs his clothing line. He also owns a shoe brand. As we know that This brand is very popular in America.

As per the news West has already indicated to contest the presidential elections in the past. Let me tell you In January this year, he tweeted, “2024.” After 2020, the next presidential election in the US is going to be in 2024.

As per the news, West and his wife Kim Kardashian West also met with US President Donald Trump at the White House. As per the report In this meeting, he talked about improving the condition of prisoners in the prison. Earlier let us tell you during a meeting with Trump, he hugged and said that I like this person.

Let us tell you This year the presidential election in the US is going to be held on November 3. West, who has won a Grammy Award for his songs, has not revealed whether he has completed the necessary paperwork for the election. As per the news If Kanye West contests, he will face Donald Trump and Democratic Party candidate Joe Biden.

However, as of now, anyone who has contested as a third party in American has got failure. Let us tell you West was contested by a third party in 1992 by Tech billionaire Ross Perot and in 2000 by Ralph Nader.

However, it is not yet clear how serious the West President is about the election. There is going to be a presidential election on 3 November in America. As of now, it has not been known whether he has filed an official paper to participate in the state elections. The deadline for contesting independents in many states is not yet over.

Kanye West and his well-known wife, Kim Kardashian, visited President Trump to visit White House. In the year 2018, Kanai West gave a speech. In it, he mentioned the alternative universe and treatment of his bipolar disorder. On the other hand, Kanay’s move has been welcomed by the famous industrialist Elon Musk. He said, ‘Kanye, you have my full support.

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