The England Government has ordered the Premier League players and staff to get their vaccinations done with both doses in order to keep the league running, in case there is a winter lockdown imposed due to the COVID-19 cases rising. The government had announced that fans could require a COVID-19 pass in order to attend Premier League matches from October 1 onwards. Due to the rise in cases in England at the moment, the government has made it mandatory for all players and staff to get their vaccination within the eight-week window.

The rules and guidelines which have been laid down by the government will continue to see COVID testing being done at least twice a week along with COVID-19 secured red zones at training grounds and stadiums. It helped in keeping the league smoothly functioning since June2020.

According to the new rules laid down by the government, negative tests will not be enough. Vaccinations are required and the 20 clubs in the Premier League are required to get their players, staff and team jabbed within the stipulated two-week window. A concern being raised is for the players who are currently on vacation after the 2020 Euros and 2020 Copa America tournaments.

The Premier League officials are supportive of COVID-19 passes as they believe it could help in curving the virus and can operate at full capacity in the stadiums in the new season, which will commence from August.

However, there are players who have their concerns and opinions about the vaccination. Following the England Cricket Board (ECB) process, where the Test players vaccinated for the Test series against India, the Premier League will also have to do so in order to keep their players protected from the virus.

So far, only two of 20 clubs in the Premier League have had their players and staff vaccinated. The government is imposing the rules on all sportspersons, not just for those playing cricket and football. The Premier League management is working to ensure a smooth functioning in the upcoming season which commences from August 14.


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