Lego Star Wars-Lucasfilm Games announced today: The Skywalker Saga will be released on April 5, 2022. This news is made even more welcome by the release of an extensive new trailer. Watch the video below for the best look so far at LEGO Star Wars-The Skywalker Saga’s gameplay, worlds, and humor

The Skywalker Saga, the hugely ambitious Lego Star Wars game, is set to release in April this year following years of development. Lego Star Wars-The Force Awakens is the first new entry in the series since 2016, so naturally fans are pumped. There is a new trailer available now for The Skywalker Saga, which showcases some of its expansive and varied worlds as well as some of its many, many playable characters. A release date of April 5 is also confirmed in the trailer.

James Burgon, senior producer of The Skywalker Saga, spoke with GameSpot about it. With the new installment, he talked about how the combat mechanics were improved and changed due to the ambitious nature of the game–it adapts all nine Skywalker films. He also spoke about the freedom and opportunities that are available in the game since players can begin at any point in the trilogy. “As freedom was one of our key pillars during development, we knew we had to give fans the option to jump straight into the trilogy they wanted to,” Burgon said.

Games like Lego Star Wars are known for their humor, even when the content is dramatic and heavy. Burgon said TT Games worked closely with Lucasfilm Games and The Lego Group to ensure the game was faithful to the original material while also lightening certain scenes.

“That’s British humour for you; you can never take yourself too seriously,” Burgon said. During the discussion, the producer also discussed how many characters are available in The Skywalker Saga–400 playable characters, and more than 800 altogether, if one counts NPCs.

“The beauty of Star Wars is that every character, no matter how little screen time, naturally ends up having a backstory we can dive into and create a quest around,” Burgon said. “The Star Wars galaxy is so rich with creatures and alien races that it was difficult to define a cut off point, but I think hardcore fans of Star Wars are going to be pleasantly surprised at who made it into the roster.”

Below is a full interview with Burgon from GameSpot. On April 5, The Skywalker Saga will be available for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series XS, Nintendo Switch, and PC. Star Wars has been around for decades, and the franchise enjoys millions of adoring fans. With an IP like this, you really can’t leave anything out.

Over 15 years ago, LEGO Star Wars The Videogame came out, and it is a joy to see how far we have come since then. Every time we make a LEGO game, we try to outdo ourselves, and this is no exception. You have an entire galaxy at your fingertips, filled with rich, vibrant planets that call to you, demanding that you disembark your ship and explore them. Star Wars is a celebration through and through, and the scale of the production needed to match the epic saga we were retelling.

Our Freeplay content is loved by players, so we improved the Story levels to make the gameplay more dynamic. Pre-levels occurring on planet surfaces makes the game feel more cohesive and gives it a feeling of a journey rather than two separate modes, Story and Freeplay. Alternatively, players can explore Galaxy Freeplay at their own pace by hopping between trilogies. Due to this freedom, players can immerse themselves in the game without feeling overwhelmed.


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