Officials said US sanctions on Venezuela are now going to be lifted. The US is now in support of a new proposal to form a transitional government by representing the association of both Nicolas Maduro and opposition leader Guido.

On the way of socialistic Venezuela can deal with US companies by this sanctions relief.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, reverberated a proposal which shows concerns about the Coronavirus.  as we know how COVID-19 has been spread all over worldwide. Threatened concern for Venezuela is that South American countries already crash down the health system and Disabled the economy. It is time to think by the US these are already losses which are equal to the sanction losses if applied by the US. Coronavirus has created an already crisis situation in Venezuela.

Relaxation by the US attempts To pull out the military from Venezuela and far away from Mr. Madura.

The US has planned for Venezuela, As per the written summary of the proposal against the political framework of the US It would be required Nicolas Madura And  Juan guide To back down and hand power to a five-member Council of State to govern the country until presidential and parliamentary elections can be held in 2020.

Venezuela and the other countries rule the economy by the socialistic pattern. Venezuela is rich in crude oil as we all know about it. Therefore US companies interfere in Venezuela. They want to extract crude oil from Venezuela So that they can make money out of all they suffered.

Showing some reasons in Venezuela by the opposition leader such as government lapses, Inability of Venezuela president Opposition leader has been erected and the US takes benefits from it.

As per the human rights violation, the US has sanctions on Venezuela like Cuba or Russia. In 2017 Russia has signed a deal with Venezuela as per that Venezuela proposed gas supplies to Russia. In that also the USA has trouble with Russian authorities. It shows the USA diplomatically.

2019 had announced sanctions on Venezuela’s oil trade betwixt growing efforts by the opposition to discontinuing the socialist president. In this situation, Venezuela had turned to  India to sell its crude oil. India wanted to purchase crude oil because India had no other option due to Iran having already been under sanctions. Iran was a great supplier for India.

More than 3 million Venezuelans have left the country in recent years to see the Hyperinflation in the Venezuela 2000 percent due to the Venezuela sanctions, political unrest, less production and, power cuts, and shortages of food and medicines.US Crude Oil extract Companies wants to take participation in Venezuela neither Russia nor any other countries. Venezuela and Russia have historical relation due to the socialist ideological moorings.

Issues With Madras Presidency

Many Venezuelans blame Madura and his socialist government; the countries’ decline during the first term in the office economy got them into free fall. It became the reason for Madura, reelected to a second-year six-year term in a highly controversial election in May 2018 which the most opposition parties boycotted. Opposition candidates in large numbers had been barred from running And the others had been jailed or had fled the country for fear of being imprisoned.

Madurai election was not recognized by when as well as opposition-controlled national assembly.

Concerns With Our Role In Venezuela

US President Donald Trump has officially recognized Juan Guido as the Effectual president of Venezuela. After just minutes the latter had said he would take over the executive powers.

Predictably response from Nicolas Madura, who has long said that the US is behind attempts to action him from office. Madhuri broke off relations with the US and gave us diplomats 72 hours to leave Venezuela. It became the response to US-made sanctions on Venezuelan oil which was designed to cut off Nicolas Mauro’s Approach to oil revenues that have helped him stay in power.

Indo Venezuela Oil Trade After Sanctions

On January 28 2019 Venezuela has Chosen to India to sell its crude oil. India has been Venezuela’s second-largest customer after the United States and for India, Iran is the first largest customer.



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