Now The Muslims around the world are preparing to celebrate the festival of Eid. As we know that The auspicious festival of Eid marks the end of  Ramadan. It is such  believed that Prophet Muhammad received the first revelation of the Holy Quran during this month. Muslims This day is celebrated by following different customs and traditions. All the Muslims on this day, along with wearing new clothes, women also apply mehndi in their hands. Mehndi is an important part of Eid. On Muslims  Eid, women wear beautiful new clothes and apply mehndi in their hands.

The festival of Eid is celebrated with great pomp around the world, the beginning of Eid marks the end of Ramadan and on this day Muslim women join the festival by applying mehndi in their hands with beautiful designs of mehndi with bangles full of hands. Looks very different. The tradition of applying mehndi is very old which continues even today. It is considered a part of sixteen makeup. If you are looking for a good mehndi design for this special festival, then do not forget to get an idea from here.

Now we are going to share some designs of mehndi with you on the occasion of Eid and mehndi designs you can apply sitting at home On Eid Festivals there are so  many such mehndi designs which women often try. But if you want on this better Festivals  then you can try Arabic mehndi design this time.

As we know  if you want to apply Arabic mehndi on Eid this time, today we are going to tell some such mehndi designs, which will further enhance the beauty of your hands. With this, there is no need to go anywhere to get Arabic mehndi design, but you can easily make it at home by looking at this design.

Mehndi is to be applied on the hands, but don’t worry if the time is short. Your decoration will not be incomplete with this latest design. This mehndi of the floral design will be instantly on hand and will also look beautiful.

You are fond of applying mehndi but do not know how to apply it properly. Also, in this lockdown, if you cannot call someone home and get mehndi, then this design will work for you. It can be easily applied to the entire hand. Also, it will also fill hands.

This thin bell design is also beautiful to create on the hands. Now This Mehndi Design can be applied both front and back in your hands.

This design is perfect for newly married women to apply it in full hand. To decorate these beautiful designs on your hands and wish the husband long life.

The mehndi of stuffed design looks very good in the hands of newly married women. Its trend is never outdated. Whichever hand it is composed on, the beauty of that hand becomes four-moon. If you have time, try this design and don’t forget it at all.

The end of Ramadan brings the joy of the festival of Eid. New clothes are also applied with perfume and a cap is worn over the head. A day before this, women also start preparing for Eid. There is no chance of Eid and Mehndi should not be possible. New clothes, mehndi doubles the flavor of Eid. Here we bring you the latest mehndi designs for Eid.

Preparations for Eid (Eid 2019) are going on. The festival of Eid will be celebrated with great pomp when the date is fixed. People will visit the mosque to offer prayers and there will be a banquet of sevainya in the houses. But even more special, on the day of Eid Ul Fitr, women apply hyena on their hands. In markets, Mehendi people get crowded, due to which many women have to apply mehndi at home. For this, she copies old books and designs placed on the hands of others. But you should not do this on this Eid (Mithi Eid) but look at the special mehndi designs given here. These latest designs will not only look beautiful on your hands, but everyone will be looking at them.

Let me tell you, the month of Ramadan is about to end. Sweet Eid will be celebrated after this. We know that the religious Eid, the biggest festival of Muslims, will be celebrated this time on 5 or 6 June.

The holy festival of Muslims will be celebrated on Eid-ul-Azha on Monday. There is a lot of buzz in the market on the auspicious occasion of Eid. Till Sunday evening, people will be busy in their preparations. Many women in the market are making attractive mehndi designs on their hands. Let us show you some of the latest designs of mehndi which you can make on your hands on the occasion of Eid.

There is an atmosphere of enthusiasm across the country on the festival of Eid. The market is looking bright everywhere. A large number of Eid shoppers are seen in the markets. At this festival, girls pay special attention from clothes to footwear. By the way if the occasion is of the festival then how can one forget mehndi. If you too are planning to get Mehndi this time on Eid, then let us tell you that instead of getting full hand full mehndi, try this Arabic Mehndi.

– Patterns in Arabic mehndi design is slightly different and spread, so in comparison to other mehndi designs, the design looks more clear and clear.

-Apart from mehndi, sparkles, radium stickers and colors are also included in aerobic mehndi.

– Those women who do not like very full hand mehndi like to get Arabic mehndi.

– Since the design is not very fine, it takes less time to apply and less is spent in mehndi so it dries quickly.

These are some popular Arabic mehndi designs that you can try this time on the occasion of Eid.

Looking at the festival of Eid, this latest mehndi design is perfect for your hands.

If you want to apply mehndi to slightly above the wrist, then this design will be good.


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