As per the news Two-three months ago, a leaked report claimed that Reliance Jio is about to launch a video conferencing app in a collision with the Zoom app. At the same time, Jio has launched its first video conferencing app JioMeet. The Jio Meat app can be downloaded for free from Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store. In the free video conferencing app of Jio, 100 people can join the meeting simultaneously. Let’s know how to use the JioMeet app …

Download the app from the JioMeet app from Google Play Store or from Apple’s app store. After this, register via mobile number or email ID. The special thing is that to start a meeting in JioMeet, that is, the host needs to create an account on the Geo Meet. If a person wants to join a meeting, they do not need to create an account.

Reliance Jio is good news for users.  As we know that Seeing the increasing craze of video calling, the company has launched its own video conferencing app JioMeet. As per the information Google Play Store and Apple App Store, this app has also been launched for desktop users.

If you have used Zoom, then you will not have trouble, because all the features of JioMeet are the same as the zoom app. You can also schedule a meeting at Jio Meet. In the meeting of Jio Meet, one can also join the meeting through the meeting code.

Usually, meetings can be done on video calling platforms up to a fixed time, but meeting or calling can be done continuously for 24 hours at Jio Meet. For privacy, it has a different password for each meeting. It also has the facility of screen sharing and a waiting room.

The special thing is that Jio Meet comes with multiple device support i.e. you can switch a meeting from mobile to desktop. It has support for five devices. It also has the facility to mute audio and video.

To join a meeting, you have to click on the Join option. After this, the meeting ID and password must be entered. If you want to start a meeting on your own, you can start a meeting by entering the mobile number and login in through OTP.

New App Has Been Launched on Reliance JIO That Name is JIOMEET APP And What is New Features in this Application, Check Now. 1
Jio Digital Life

Multi-Device Login Support

As we know that The Jio Meat App is quite clean. It is very much like a zoom. Let us tell you Multi-device login support has been provided in the Jio Meet app. As per the report, It can be connected with a maximum of 5 devices and you can also switch from one device to another during a call in the app. Jio Meat also offers a safe driving mode feature with screen sharing.

Special For Health And Education

As per the news, Jio recently said that its eHealth platform is integrated with the Meet app. Through this, users can connect with doctors and take medicine slips. As we know that lab tests and medicines can also be ordered from it.  The app also has a digital waiting room for doctors. Let us tell you With the help of the education platform, a virtual classroom can be created for students and teachers. Now in this app students can also take notes along with recording the session. With this app, teachers can give homework and students can submit their homework.

Reliance Jio, Jiomeet App:

There is no charge for using the Jiomeet app, yes it is absolutely free.

The thing to note is that no invoice code will be required for video conferencing on Jiomeet. The special feature of this app is that more than 100 people can join together through video conferencing.

JioMeet works on almost all types of devices. In this you will get features for work like screen shares, meeting schedules. Anyone hosting video conferencing will also get options like mute and unmute.

If people are doing office work from home due to Coronavirus, then Jiomeet will prove to be a good option. Reliance Jio’s Jio Meet will compete with popular Zoom video conferencing.

If you also want to use JioMeet, then you can download the Geomit app from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. This app works equally on both Android and Apple.

Let us tell you JioMeet has the ability to hold direct calls (1: 1 calling) as well as meetings with 100 participants. As per the news Reliance Jio, the app offers enterprise-grade host control. Now You can sign-up with your phone number or email ID and hold your meetings in HD quality. Let us tell you It is free to use and you can have unlimited meetings per day. Expect from this, meetings can also be password protected and it also supports waiting room features like zoom.

Reliance Jio fundraised continuously from April to June, with the company starting with a deal with Facebook and the social media giant getting a 9.99 percent stake in Jio. Let us tell you JioMeet can not only be used from a browser (Chrome or Firefox only), but is also available as an app on Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. You can see their links in Jio’s website.

The interface of this platform is very simple, which looks exactly like Zoom, but a quick review has shown that it works just like other major video conferencing apps. As per the news, JioMeet says that the app supports multi-device log-in on five devices and you can easily switch between devices while on a call. As per the information It also has a feature called Safe Driving Mode as well as basic features like screen sharing.

Let us tell you Even though the app is now available to the public, Jio has been testing it for a few months and you can see the comment on, how it worked with an invite code.

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