Sometimes we see doctors usually attacked by the patients in the Safdarjung hospital or Delhi’s many hospitals as patients break down their patience.

Indore district administration evoked the national security act,1980 opposite to four persons condemned provoking residents of a locality to put stones and chase away health workers.

Rumors also are the reason for these issues as people think that due to the COVID-19 they will get arrested by the police if hiding it. So the people don’t let enter the doctors. At this time we should not go on apart from we should cooperate with the government because COVID -19 is too vital for the other peoples it cant see rich or poor people.COVERED -19 is a contagious disease so we need to understand it and cooperate with the health workers.

When the joint team of health workers, revenue officials, Anganwadi workers, municipal officials workers, and police staff were entering the Patti backhaul area of the city to search the contact history of a COVID -19 patient when they were pelted with stones. Incident has been placed due to provoking residents of the locality to disturb administrative work, some rogue elements not only tried to play with their life but with those residing in the whole city.

Indore administration evoked section 3 (2) of the act against the four persons. The administration passed an order to move the four guilty to the central jail Rewa. Today, healthcare workers, doctors, paramedical staff who are giving their lives in danger to save people’s lives will not be endured at any cost.

A case opposite to these unidentified persons was filed under sections of the Indian penal code which are 353 – Assault or criminal force to fend public servants from a discharge of his duty.

336 -Act endangering life or personal safety of others.

145 – joining or continuing in unlawful assembly, knowing it has been commanded to strew

269 – Negligent act likely to spread infection of disease dangerous to life

There is no news for Indore people having no recorded contact or travel history, health workers are still zero in the source of the COVID -19 explosion locally.

In Madhya Pradesh, 111 cases so far. Indore alone has calculated 82 cases.

National Security Act

It is a harsh law that allows preventive control for months. If authorities are satisfied that a person is intimidating to national security or law or order.

The person does not need to be charged during this period of prevention.

The national security act’s goal is to prevent persons from committing a crime.NSA was promoted on September 23,1980 during the Indira Gandhi government.

As per the national security act, the fundamental for preventive control of a person includes:-

Acting in any manner prejudicial to the defense of India or with a view to making arrangements for his expulsions from India.

Preventing them from acting in any manner prejudicial to the security of the state or from acting in any manner prejudicial to the maintenance of public order or from acting in any manner prejudicial to the maintenance of supplies and services essential to the community it is necessary to do so.


Under the national security act, an individual can be detained without a charge for up to 12 months.

The state governments need to be acquainted that a person has been detained under the national security act.

A person detained under the national security act can be held for 10 days without being told the charges against them.

Appeal: A detained person can appeal before a high court advisory board but they are not allowed a lawyer during the trial.

Mob Growing Culture Now Days

Attacks on doctors and police staff, the mob mentality has come to dominate India’s social consciousness causing effects across various sections of society.

This type of violence is unique to the Indian subcontinent. Mob violence is a very crucial issue. Particularly there is increasing institutionalization of violence through politics, religion, economics, gender discrimination, etc.

Institutionalized violence has, in turn, created a hierarchical social order. Doctors are amongst those at the top of this hierarchy. In India doctors in both public and private sectors are at the stage of the receiving end of violence. If we people are not getting earlier services by the doctors in the hospitals we complain about doctors only. But we should cooperate with the doctors or the healthcare workers. At this time of COVID -19, we all are aware of the doctor’s hard work for us. All-day all night they are working for us just only for we people safe from it and as soon as possible we reach out at that point where no one in the country suffers from coronavirus. Patients are thinking doctors treat rich patients first and then poor patients but this is wrong completely.

For the doctors all patients are equal and for them, everyone has life, death.

Here are some reports for doctors vs patients as per that it is difficult to say who is to blame?

In two years 2013 and 2014 data are available there were 32 cases of workplace violence at AIIMS.

Nurses have 16 cases, doctors have 8 cases, group C staff has 9 cases.

Deemed injustice was one of the key reasons or main factors of violence.

Other Reason –

  1. Delay inpatient care,
  2. Overcrowding,
  3. The long wait for appointment and investigations,
  4. Shortage of security guards,
  5. Lack of soft skills among healthcare workers.
  6. In a majority of cases, the violence went unpunished 3% care discontinued, 4% verbal warning issued, 2% FIR lodged in police stations.

There Is An Urgent Need To Take Steps To Check Such Incidents

  • Increase the number of security guards.
  • Install CCTVs at high-risk places like a casualty.
  • Allow only one attendant with a patient.
  • Conduct stress management classes and meditation sessions with staff.


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