It could appear like a smudge in your display screen, however the newest picture launched by NASA of our blue marble truly captures the moon’s shadow throughout the latest photo voltaic eclipse.

The picture, taken on June 10 and launched by NASA on Wednesday, reveals a blurry, darkish brown spot over the Arctic. The spot represents the shadow solid by the moon in the course of the eclipse.

The “epic” {photograph} was taken by NASA’s Earth Polychromatic Imaging Camera (EPIC), a digicam and telescope aboard NOAA’s Deep Space Climate Observatory Satellite that snaps greater than a dozen photographs every day. The satellite tv for pc orbits the L1 Lagrange level, some extent of gravitational steadiness between Earth and the solar, which is sort of a million miles away.

The high-quality pictures of Earth taken by the digicam are utilized by scientists to observe a variety of actions on our planet, together with vegetation, cloud top, wildfire smoke and ozone. But in uncommon cases, it additionally captures spectacular views of eclipses.

NASA’s EPIC captured a uncommon take a look at a photo voltaic eclipse over the Arctic. The picture was taken on June 10, 2021.


“Taking images of the sunlit half of Earth from a distance four times further than the Moon’s orbit never ceases to provide surprises, like occasionally the moon getting in our field of view, or the moon casting shadow on Earth,” stated Dr. Adam Szabo, the NASA Project Scientist of DSCOVR.

A complete photo voltaic eclipse happens when the moon passes instantly between the Earth and the solar, utterly blocking the solar’s mild. During an annular photo voltaic eclipse, the moon doesn’t utterly cowl the solar because it passes, leaving a glowing ring of daylight seen.

Last month, keen skywatchers in Canada, Greenland and Russia had the chance to witness a full annular eclipse. Parts of the Caribbean, Asia, Europe, the U.S. and Africa skilled a partial photo voltaic eclipse, which appeared as an impressive red-orange crescent form, referred to as a “ring of fire.”

“EPIC didn’t have too bad a view, either,” NASA stated.

Stunning photographs of the “ring of fire” photo voltaic eclipse

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