Sa Re Ga Ma Pa: Hey there, all of you singing enthusiasts! Your favourite singing reality show Sa Re Ga Ma Pa is ready to make you feel charismatic again, as upcoming episodes bring a lot of exciting singing experiences. You just need to be ready for the 16th January 2022 episode, because everyone will put forth their best efforts to fulfill the expectations of their admirers, because there is nothing more important than living up to the hopes of everyone. As their fans follow their performances from the start, you can get exclusive elimination updates as well as everything about their performances below.

Amit Kumar’s presence in the recent episode suggests that the “Kishor Kumar” special episode will be remarkable. You can imagine how amazing this episode will be after watching the recent episode. This is because all contestants are prepared to perform on Kishor Kumar’s timeless songs. In the episode’s opening, Dipaayan Banerjee sets the stage on fire with a performance of the Kishor Kumar Ji song “Ye Jo Mohabbat Hai,” which has a different fanbase from the original. Amit Kumar Ji himself will be mesmerized by the way he takes the notes, whether they are high or low.

Sa Re Ga Ma Pa 16-Jan-2022

Meanwhile, Amit Kumar and others have nice words to say about him, like he’s a strong competitor who can beat anyone. Himesh and Shankar Mahadevan also agree. The other female contestant also ignited a fire while trying such difficult songs of Kishore Kumar, since all know that Kishor Kumar was the only singer with such a high standard of singing that it was impossible for anyone else to sing. Nevertheless, if someone attempts to sing these songs, then it is actually commendable, and therefore, all contestants receive the right kind of applause from Amit Kumar Ji.

In the exclusive promos, the makers, have revealed a glimpse of what’s in store for the upcoming episode, thanks to Amit Kumar Ji’s amazing presence. There will be a lot of hilarious stories as well as some unknown truths about the singing world. According to everyone, his father Kishor Kumar Ji was also very jolly, so Amit Ji also has the same pedigree. So he will also tell some stories about the four moons which are still unknown, so make sure to watch the show at the exact time and stay tuned for more updates.


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