Commenting on the vaccination drive, Delhi Health Minister Satyendar Jain mentioned the Aam Aadmi Party authorities has the capability to vaccinate all of the eligible inhabitants however sufficient vaccines are usually not being made obtainable to them. Nearly 500 vaccination centres in Delhi have closed attributable to lack of vaccines.

Jain mentioned, “The Delhi government cannot follow Haryana’s vaccination policy of saving as much vaccines as possible with it. Instead we are immediately using whichever vaccines are made available to us by the Central government.”

“At current, now we have to imagine that the wave of Covid-19 pandemic might resurface. Therefore, I attraction to the folks of Delhi to step out of their homes carrying a masks and sustaining social distancing norms,” he added.

The Minister on Monday mentioned solely 45 Covid-19 instances have been reported within the nationwide capital, which is the bottom within the final year-and-a-half. The an infection price in Delhi is lower than 0.1 per cent. There are 693 lively instances of Covid-19 in Delhi. “Still I would request the people of Delhi to take due safety measures and leave their house wearing a mask and following social distancing.”

The AAP chief mentioned there’s a scarcity of vaccines in Delhi. “On Monday nearly 1.5 lakh Covishield vaccines arrived in the national capital and now we have nearly 1.68 lakh vaccines, which will be sufficient till Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon. After this there will be a shortage of vaccines in Delhi again.”

“Due to lack of availability of vaccines, nearly 500 vaccination centres have been closed in Delhi, but as soon as the vaccines are available we will open all vaccination centres again. We (Delhi government) have already said that we have the capacity to vaccinate all people for which we require three to four lakh vaccines daily,” Satyendar Jain added.

Asked to vaccinate the entire of Delhi inside three months, Satyendar Jain mentioned, “If we obtain the Covid-19 vaccines we’re prepared to hold out massive quantity of jabs. Due to lack of vaccines we have to close our vaccination centres repeatedly. We cannot follow Haryana’s vaccination policy to save as many number of vaccines as possible. Whatever vaccines we are receiving from the Central government, we are using them immediately.”

Jain mentioned, “It is very important for everyone to receive the vaccine jabs to save themselves from Covid-19. That is why we have made all preparations to vaccinate every individual. As soon as we receive the vaccines, we will get people inoculated as soon as possible.”

Regarding the doable third wave of Covid-19 an infection, Satyendar Jain mentioned, “I believe that the possible third wave of Covid-19 can be stopped, but it is possible only when everybody follows Covid-appropriate guidelines. What happened last time? In January and February 2021, the number of Covid-19 cases had drastically come down. At that time, the people thought that now the infection is over. But afterwards the infected cases reported a spike. So we should not assume that Covid-19 is over yet. Right now we have to remember that a new wave of Covid-19 can resurface. As long as the coronavirus is active, it can spread. Therefore, the only way to prevent Covid-19 is that every person must wear a face mask. If you step out of home and meet other people, one must wear a mask.”

He added, “Even when Covid-19 was at its peak, there were nearly 25 per cent patients from outside the national capital undergoing treatment in Delhi hospitals. Each person was provided free treatment at Delhi government hospitals. Even today, 10 to 15 patients are admitted in Delhi government hospitals every day, of which 25 to 30 per cent patients reside outside Delhi. We haven’t denied treatment to any person.”



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