There has been news of relief from Italy amid the continuing Corona crisis around the world. As per the data for the first time since March 10 in Italy, less than 1000 such cases were reported which did not require to be admitted to the intensive care unit. With this, the death numbers in the country have been less than 200 on the third day. Let us tell that 2, 82,703 people have died due to the coronavirus across the world so far. While 41, 01,690 people have been infected with this disease.

Significantly, in India, Covid-19’s havoc is being seen. In some days Coronavirus cases are increasing rapidly in the country. Let’s look at the Here the total number of Covid-19 infected has reached 67,152. According to the data released on Monday by the Health Ministry, 2206 people have died so far in the country from coronavirus while the number of infected has reached 67,152.

Within the same time, 4213 new cases of corona have been reported in the last 24 hours. This is by far the greatest and largest number of new cases in 24 hours. As soon as, the highest figure was 3900 new patients. In the same time, 97 people have lost their lives due to this in the last 24 hours.

Corona Virus Signs Of Relief From Corona Virus In Italy, Death Toll Decreased For 200 For The Third Consecutive Day. 1
Relief From Corona Virus In Italy

Italy Has A Decreased Number Of Deaths Recorded Within A Month Due To Coronavirus.

The Civil Security Agency has recorded 260 deaths a day. Let us tell you that after America, Italy has the highest number of deaths. 26,644 people died in Italy. The lowest number of deaths due to coronavirus in Italy has been recorded since 14 March. The Civil Security Agency has recorded 260 deaths a day. Let us tell you that after America, Italy has the highest number of deaths. 26,644 people died in Italy. In Italy, the figures for deaths have declined for the third continuous day. There were total number of deaths 415 in Italy on Saturday. Italy was preparing for a lockdown, At the same time, it is clear that there were some disturbances in Lombardy, which was the area most affected by Coronavirus. Italy is the country most affected by Coronavirus in Europe and after America, 26 thousand people have died in this country due to this deadly virus.

The case first came to light in Italy on 21 February and at that time the World Health Organization was insisting that the virus could be ‘controlled’. However, there is also evidence that Lombardy’s one million populations were affected due to shortcomings in demographics and health services, as well as political and business interests, and the most awful situation was seen in nursing homes.

Virologists and epidemiologists say that what went wrong there will be studied for years and how the virus has disrupted the medical system, which is considered the best in Europe. The coronavirus remained relatively under control in the neighboring Veneto. Denunciator is considering who should be held responsible for the deaths of hundreds of people in various nursing homes. As per news that Many people who died were not included in Lombardi’s official death toll of 13,269.

At the same time, our soldiers of Lombardi’s frontline doctors and nurses are being considered as excellent heroes for treating patients by risking their lives amidst stress, fatigue, and fear. Despite the first case reported in Italy in his own country, physicians could not understand how unusual the Kovid-19 would spread, where some patients began to have rapid respiratory problems. Dr. Maurizio Maravici a physician at San Camillo Private Clinic in Cremona said that We did not have this clinical information which is severely affected by the virus.

Italy: Local Administration Will Decide To Lift The Ban

The Italian government will allow the local administration to decide whether to remove the restrictions. According to local media reports, the government will allow the local administration to decide when to lift the applicable restrictions in the country. Local Italy reported in its report that Alto Ediz is the first province in the country, where restaurants, bars, and libraries were opened from Monday. So far, 30,739 people have died in Italy.


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