Congratulations! 30 Air Conditioned Trains Will Run For 15 Cities From Tomorrow, Ticket Booking Starts From Today The good news with this, The lockdown is good news for people stranded across the country. Now the Railways are going to partly restore the trains which have been closed since the 22nd of March. As per the information, 30 Rajdhani trains (15 pairs) will run under the special facility. Prefabricated to run select trains for fifteen stations across the country with few stops. All trains will be air-conditioned. Ticket reservations will start from 4 pm on Monday only on the IRCTC website.  

IRCTC Travel Fare Will Be Equal To Rajdhani Express.

The dynamic fair can also be implemented. Travel can be done on a confirmed ticket. Tatkal tickets will not be available. Booking counters will remain closed. Trains will not have a pantry. Including with this, there will be ingredients like snacks, biscuits, which travelers will be able to buy. With this information that After the train starts on these 15 routes, the railway will run special trains on some more routes. Importantly, from March 25, all passenger train services were stopped.  

‘We are not consulted’

The Senior officials of the ICMR and Ministry of Health said that the Railways did not take any opinion on running the train. However, he said that it is necessary to keep the temperature between 24 and 30 degrees, humidity 40 to 70 degrees, to run the AC in the room and the workplace. Including with this, clean air from outside should be arranged through exhaust/fan filters. How to reach the station and how to go home, not clear yet The government has not yet clarified how the passengers boarding the trains will reach the railway station. With the reason Because taxi-rickshaw services have not yet been restored in most state capitals. Accordingly, At the same time, trains’ schedules will be released on Monday. Lets us check that Just now it has been told that the passenger will have to arrive an hour early and undergo screening. Congratulations! 30 Air Conditioned Trains Will Run For 15 Cities From Tomorrow, Ticket Booking Starts From Today 

No Travel On Waiting

Another Information on Booking of tickets for these trains will not be done from the station counter. Secondly, Tickets can be booked from the IRCTC website itself. But with the condition that only reserved tickets will be able to travel. There will be no immediate quota. There will also be no discount and Only those who have a confirmed ticket will be able to enter on the platform.  Congratulations! 30 Air Conditioned Trains Will Run For 15 Cities From Tomorrow, Ticket Booking Starts From Today 

No Entry Without A Mask

Passengers will not advantage of entry on the platform without wearing a face mask. With some instructions, Travel will be allowed only after checking with thermal scanners. As per Warning this Will not be able to travel if any symptoms are found.  Congratulations! 30 Air Conditioned Trains Will Run For 15 Cities From Tomorrow, Ticket Booking Starts From Today 

Here Now Just 300 Trains Are Ready To Run Daily For Migrant Workers

As per the Railway Minister Piyush Goyal said that the Railways is ready to take 300 trains daily and take them home to the migrant workers. Goyal tweeted; I appeal all the states to allow their people to be brought back so that they can be brought home in 3-4 days. Hitherto,, four lakh people have reached homes by 366 workers’ special trains. Accordingly, 287 trains have arrived while 79 trains are on the way.  We can see here is some list of these stations that will connect to New Delhi Dibrugarh, Agartala, Howrah, Patna, Bilaspur, Ranchi, Bhubaneswar, Secunderabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Thiruvananthapuram, Madgaon, Mumbai Central, Ahmadabad and Jammu. On the return journey, these trains will come to New Delhi with few stops. Now the Ministry of Railways has prepared a detailed plan for this. In the beginning, only a small number of trains will be operated. With this time people’s health and corona infection will also be investigated. 

Here Are Some Trains List Will Run From Delhi To These 15 Cities

●      New Delhi-Dibrugarh ●      New Delhi-Agartala ●      New Delhi – Howrah ●      New Delhi-Patna ●      NewDelhi-Bilaspur ●      New Delhi-Ranchi ●      New Delhi-Bhubaneswar ●      New Delhi-Secunderabad ●      New Delhi-Bangalore ●      New Delhi-Chennai ●      New Delhi-Thiruvananthapuram ●      New Delhi-Madgaon ●      New Delhi-Mumbai Central ●      New Delhi-Ahmedabad ●      New Delhi-Jammu Tawi


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