The eclipse will occur on June 21, know the impact of Chudamani solar eclipse on all 12 zodiac signs

The solar eclipse on Mrigasira and Adra constellation and Gemini sign is also called Chudamani solar eclipse. This eclipse is also known as Khandgrass solar eclipse.

Chudamaniyog is being formed in Gemini on Sunday on the new moon day of Mrigasira and Adra Nakshatra on the new moon day of Ashadha month. On this day, that is, on 21 June Sunday, the solar eclipse is also being felt on Gemini. Since this solar eclipse on June 21 is taking place in Chudamani Yoga, this solar eclipse is also called Chudamani solar eclipse. Apart from this, it is also called an annular solar eclipse.


When solar eclipse becomes enriched, it is especially fruitful and auspicious. With this, this solar eclipse has become even more important. Let us know how this solar eclipse will affect the 12 zodiac signs?.

In Indian astrology, the solar eclipse is considered a unique and wonderful event. Even though science considers it to be a small astronomical event, there is no doubt that such events should not affect human life. This year, the first solar eclipse of 2020 will take place on 21 June. According to Indian time, this solar eclipse will start from 09:15 in the morning till 03:04. The Sutak period for this will begin at 9:16 pm on 20 June. At this moment in time of this solar eclipse, there is going to be such a combination of planets and constellations that did not form in the last 500 years. This will be the longest solar eclipse of this year.

On this day, another astronomical event is going to happen with solar eclipse in which the sun will be just above the Tropic of Cancer. This is the second solar eclipse of the century that is happening on 21 June. Before this solar eclipse took place on 21 June 2001.

Apart from this, this solar eclipse is also related to Rahu. In Gemini zodiac, Rahu is placing illusions on the Sun and Moon, that is, it is afflicting him. At the same time, Mars is in the zodiac sign of water element and is looking at the plannet.

nets of Gemini zodiac. Along with this, Mercury, Guru, Venus and Saturn will be retrograde along with 6 planets – Rahu and Ketu on this day. Reasonable to the position of these 6 planets, this solar eclipse has become even more special.

Effect Of Chudamani Solar Eclipse On 12 Zodiac Signs

1. Aries 

This solar eclipse is extremely auspicious for the people of Aries. Honor-respect, rank prestige will increase, wealth is the sum of profit. These natives should keep their behavior sweet. One should be careful while driving and traveling. Be careful when signing a new deal. Read Hanuman Chalisa and Sunderkand. would benefit.

Chudamani Surya Grahan on 21 June 2020 1

2. Taurus

For those with Taurus sign, financial problems and family feud may increase. People of this zodiac should take special care of food etc. Voice control is necessary. For this, worshiping Guru and Shri Mahalakshmi and donating food will be beneficial. To avoid the ill effects of this eclipse, Lalita Sahasranama and Devi Kavach should be recited.

Chudamani Surya Grahan on 21 June 2020 2

3. Capricorn

This time is auspicious and beneficial for Capricorn people. Every one of his works will be seen. Still, health should be taken care of.

Chudamani Surya Grahan on 21 June 2020 3

4. Gemini

This eclipse is inauspicious for this sign. Therefore, they will need to pay attention to their health, the mind will remain disturbed. Do not trust a person easily. Do maximum meditation, chanting, meditation, posture. will benefit. Vishnu Sahasranama, chanting Om Namo Narayana will benefit.

Chudamani Surya Grahan on 21 June 2020 4

5. Cancer

People of this zodiac may suffer economic loss, may have to face an accident. Be aware of your health. Do not make new friends. Donation of artificial feet, shoes especially by donating can reduce the impact of the eclipse.

Chudamani Surya Grahan on 21 June 2020 5

6. Leo


7. Virgo

The natives of this zodiac have to take the utmost care at their workplace because Karma Yoga is going to play a very big role. To improve karma, recite or listen to Vishnu Sahasranama every day. Read and understand the second and fourth chapters of the Bhagavad Gita.

Chudamani Surya Grahan on 21 June 2020 7

8. Libra

Libra zodiac is related to the new house, which also presents religion and law. Do not work against the law, do not drive a vehicle without a helmet. Parents, keep in touch with senior officials. Emphasize more on the subject of religion. We do not take any decision in susceptibility.

Chudamani Surya Grahan on 21 June 2020 8

9. Scorpio

Take care of physical health. Negative thoughts can come to your mind. Problems may have to be faced in the field of karma. The karma of old births is going to be revealed. It will be beneficial to keep silence, meditate, stay in samadhi. There is a time for a change that can hurt a little.

10. Sagittarius

Time is not good for Sagittarius people. Take any step thoughtfully and with transparency. Meditating twice a day, worshiping Goddess Lakshmi or Goddess, Surya Namaskar will be very beneficial.

11. Aquarius

Aquarius is in fifth place which is not auspicious. They will have to do all their work very thoughtfully. This is the best time for spiritual practice.

12. Pisces

The mind can remain depressed. Do not buy property, vehicles, etc. Listen to music, worship Shiva. would benefit.

Chudamani Surya Grahan on 21 June 2020 12

Eclipse With Chudamani Yoga

When the solar eclipse takes place on Sunday and the lunar eclipse on Monday, then that eclipse becomes associated with Chudamani Yoga. Eclipse containing Chudamani Yoga is particularly beneficial and beneficial.


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