One Of The Show’s Highlights Is Its Costume Design — The Elaborate Korean Traditional Costumes Are Made Out Of Hanji Paper. It Will Be Available To Stream On July 30


In Korea, handed down orally by means of generations, is the inspiring love story of Choon Hyang and Mong Ryong. What makes the legend stand out is its protagonist Choon Hyang — a girl of sturdy will; a girl who doesn’t conform to her “fate”. Though the story has seen a number of variations by means of dances, movies and theatre, the latest manufacturing titled Choon-Hyang helmed by Seoul-based Theatre Seoul, is supposed for youngsters worldwide. Since its inception in 1995, the theatre firm has been growing musicals in English for the Korean viewers, and now presents its play on-line with the assistance of Chennai-based InKo Centre, in a bid to make Korean artwork types accessible to lovers in India. Choon-Hyang marks this effort.

The inception of Choon-Hyang dates again to the 2002 FIFA World Cup held in Yokohama the place the National Theatre of Korea made the story right into a dance theatre piece. At that point, Theatre Seoul was in control of devising the play for younger audiences, says Kevin Kim, director of the play. The sheer recognition of the legend in Korea has led to its adaptation in lots of genres: together with changgeuk, a standard Korean opera carried out as a play, incorporating the people music type referred to as pansori.

But, ensuring that the story carries the identical traits even when translated into English, was a difficult course of for Theatre Soul. “Language bases itself heavily on the sentiments of each country. So, it was difficult to express all the feelings in English,” admits Kevin, including that the play offers with a topic that’s widespread to all of us. Artistic director of Theatre Seoul, Natia Lee says, “This is a love story but it talks about the theme of faith. I also wanted to emphasise that we can withstand any temptation or adversity if we had faith in each other.” The story is ready in a time when girls had been extremely discriminated in opposition to, however the character of Choon Hyang exudes a sure sense of will that’s each unconventional and provoking.

One of the present’s highlights is its costume design — the frilly conventional costumes are made out of hanji paper (handmade paper made out of dak or the bark of mulberry timber). All the costumes had been ready by Shim Hyun Sub, a celebrated Korean costume designer who has labored on movies resembling The King and The Clown (a 2005 South Korean historic drama), and is credited with crafting a number of placing hanji costumes solely out of calligraphy paper. Natia explains, “The paper, which is rip-resistant and strong, is dyed, then cut and fastened together to create the traditional, vibrant Korean dresses that the kiseng, or noblewomen, wear. The process takes several weeks, but the costumes will keep evolving over time, as the colours change, deepen and set in the paper.”

The play guarantees to offer a glimpse to the previous, nevertheless, Kevin says that Choon Hyang embodies the duality of the previous and current. “Through the set, you will be able to see the scenery and buildings of old Korea. You will be able to witness Korean traditional dance through the choreography. Moreover, the choreography combines traditional Korean dance and B-boy and will allow one to experience both the past and the present at the same time,” he concludes.


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