In the stage of lockdown due to the coronavirus Akshay Kumar has got a hundred million families on social media. Akshay Kumar is one of the most successful Bollywood actors of all time. Akshay Kumar always is ready to share his feelings or activities on social media.

The three major platforms of social media are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. Akshay Kumar has crossed the stage of a hundred million means ten crore numbers of followers on social media family.

Although we know that still, Salman Khan has a record of more followers on social media.

On Sunday Akshay Kumar has got three crores fifty-one lakh sixty-nine thousand two hundred fourteen followers on twitter, thirty-eight million eighty-seven thousand thirteen on Instagram and two crores sixty lakh twenty-five thousand two hundred four followers on Facebook.

These are the major platforms of social media in which celebrities are always there. On these three platforms, Akshay Kumar has a number of followers ten crores eighty-one thousand five hundred eleven now.

Akshay Kumar has many fans. When Akshay Kumar fans heard this news they started celebrating.

Akshay Kumar is an Indian born Canadian actor. He is a producer, Martial Artist, and television personality. He has worked in many Bollywood films. He won several awards including the National Film Award for the best actor for his performance in Rustom. Akshay Kumar is known as a stunt actor. He performed many dangerous stunts in his famous films.

He has been working in the Hindi film industry for a long time and is also known for his Discipline nature and routine. In their fans, Akshay Kumar is known as ‘Akki’.

He was awarded the Padma Shri by the government of India and also honored by The Asian awards for outstanding achievement in cinema. He is great patriotic also recently Akshay Kumar has contributed Rupees twenty-five crore to prime minister Narendra Modi’s Coronavirus relief fund.He gave Charity and funds always when India is in crisis. He gives his best to show patriotic feelings by their movies always.

Akshay Kumar is one of those people who work hard to make the country better. Not only does Akshay do social work in his films and try to improve the country but in real life also he has done well to many people. Another country Akshay Kumar tries to help in everything that is done for patriotism and goodness. After supporting someone Akshay goes one step ahead and also sees if the work done by him is progressing in the way or not.

As always Akshay Kumar has taken on a new cause. Akshay Kumar has joint hands to promote road safety from road transport and Highway ministry for this. Akshay has done an advertisement and others have also posted on their social media account to promote it. In such a situation we thought about why to take a look at all these social work that Akshay Kumar has done to improve our country.

Akshay Kumar has always respected the jawans fighting for the country and being martyred and we can see his true patriotism even in his films. Akshay Kumar has talked about helping families of jawans many times and then Akshay has helped the government in launching ‘Bharat ke Veer’s app and website opening away to help the families of martyred soldiers. Anyone can donate and help the Jawans.

There are some celebrities who have more following numbers in the social media platform

Akshay Kumar Crosses The Hundred Million Stage Of The Social Media Family 1
Aamir Khan

Aamir Khan has 44 million followers on social media. If we see the number of followers according to the other superstars. Aamir Khan has thirty-one lakh ninety-one thousand seven hundred forty-four on Instagram, twenty-nine lakh ninety-two thousand two hundred thirty-seven on twitter and one crore fifty-four  lakh seventy-three thousand nine hundred and fifty-eight followers on Facebook.The number of followers of amir khan on the three platforms is four crore forty-four lakh fifty-seven thousand nine hundred ninety-nine.

Akshay Kumar Crosses The Hundred Million Stage Of The Social Media Family 2
Amitabh Bachchan

Amitabh Bachchan actor greatest number of forty two million twelve thousand seventy-nine thousand Followers on Twitter, twenty nine million ninety-eight thousand seventy-two thousand seventeen on Facebook and one crore fifty-two lakh ninety thousand eight hundred seventy-four followers on Instagram. Amitabh Bachchan has eight crores sixty-four lakh forty one thousand nine hundred seventy-three followers on all the above three platforms.

Akshay Kumar Crosses The Hundred Million Stage Of The Social Media Family 3
Shahrukh Kha

Shahrukh khan has four crores two lakh seventy-two thousand four hundred sixty-seven on Twitter, two crores ninety-four lakh seventy-five thousand eight hundred seventy-nine on Facebook and two crores nine lakh ninety-three thousand three hundred sixty-two followers on Instagram. It is clear that shah rukh khan is the king of twitter. The total number of followers of Shahrukh khan is nine crores seven lakh forty-one thousand six hundred ninety-eight.

Akshay Kumar Crosses The Hundred Million Stage Of The Social Media Family 4
Salman Khan

At the four countries Salman Khan who has thirty-one million ninety-eight million twelve thousand one hundred ninety-nine on twitter, thirty-one million sixteen thousand fourteen thousand twenty-five on Instagram and three crores seventy-three lakh eight two thousand two hundred fifty-six followers on Facebook.Salman Khan’s followers on all the above three platforms are ten crore eighty-eight  lakh eight thousand four hundred forty. This is the largest number among Bollywood celebrities.

It is clear that on all the three platforms of social media Twitter Instagram Facebook, Salman Khan is first Akshay Kumar is second Shahrukh Khan is third Amitabh Bacchan is forth and Hrithik Roshan is in the fifth place. Amitabh Bachchan and Shahrukh Khan are among the first celebrities to appear on social media.


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