He talks about changing into the technologically challenged Oliver Twist and of studying new issues within the cut price

Oliver Twist in Rojin Thomas’#Home doesn’t have a smartphone and when he lastly does get one, it unleashes a sequence of goof-ups that impacts his award-winning filmmaker son’s life adversely. Indrans as Oliver Twist conveys the confusion of a ‘not-so extraordinary man’ (as his son reminds him) in his 60s who doesn’t know expertise or social media, and due to this fact can not join along with his always-on-their-smartphones sons.

The actor reminds you of your mother and father as he wrestles with expertise and video calls. “I was just doing what the director asked me to. Some of it is my story. All of us, especially those closer to my age, have had these experiences with smartphones and constantly evolving technology,” says the actor over the cellphone. He liked the script and couldn’t wait to begin filming, he confesses. The movie was shot final yr when lockdown restrictions had been eased for filming.

The portrayal has received reward for Indrans, who was awarded the Kerala State Film Award for greatest actor (2018) for his portrayal of an Ottanthulal artist, Pappu Pisharody, in Aalorukkam. The 40-year journey for Indrans (Surendran Okay) from his first position, a minor one in Choothattam (1981), to the lead actor of a mainstream Malayalam movie (deliberate for a theatre launch) has been rewarding.

On whether or not he coveted a lead position, Indrans says, “We actors are all greedy that way…we want to do as many roles as possible and dream many dreams including being the lead. We would be lying if we say we don’t have that dream,” he says laughing. Though this isn’t his first movie in a lead position, #Home is probably the primary that has garnered this sort of consideration because of the OTT launch and its attain. “I am getting calls in languages I cannot even understand! All I can say is ‘yes, yes’!” he says self-deprecatingly.

“Being the lead comes with responsibility. It is kind of worrying… the film rests on your shoulders. The constant thought is that the producer should not suffer losses because of you. Doing a small role in a film with someone else as lead is easier on the mind. This role, however, was too good to refuse. Oliver Twist is an unusual character, I felt affection for the character,” he says. He is all reward for his co-stars within the movie: KPAC Lalitha, Manju Pillai, Sreenath Bhasi and others.

Rojin, Indrans says, took the movie to a different stage creatively and technically. “These new kids are so good, so professional.”

Whether he’s as technologically challenged as Oliver Twist, Indrans says he has a couple of difficulties and that he has learnt some new issues through the movie.

A love of theatre fuelled his curiosity in appearing, “I have seen every play that was put in every ulsavaparambu (temple festival grounds) in the vicinity as a child. There was no way I would miss one.” A tailor by occupation, he stumbled into movies out of a love for cinema. He had made his identify extra as a comic book actor, sidekick to the lead or fundamental comedian, earlier than transitioning into a personality actor with critical roles.

“I haven’t noticed the passage of years, don’t know how the years have passed. In fact, I am enjoying myself greatly because of the different kinds of roles that have been coming my way.” He was final seen as a cop in Malik.

Over the years he has labored with a few generations of filmmakers. On being requested to judge working kinds or variations, he says, “There is no comparison, simply because they are working under different conditions and different times. It would be unfair to everybody if one were to compare – every generation has its positives and negatives.”

The suggestions has floored him, he has been getting calls from households the place each member has spoken to him. “It is not one single person on a call…entire families get on the call and tell me how they liked the film.”

The response is as a result of OTT launch, which took the movie to audiences throughout the globe on the identical time as an alternative of them having to attend for the discharge within the space. “Yes that is a good thing about the platform, but I would have liked it to be a theatre release. A large section of the population or audience does not have access to these devices or this technology. They would have watched the film in a theatre and enjoyed it. But, I understand, it can’t be helped given the situation.”

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