Donald Trump Is Corona Positive, Know Here.

As per the news US President Donald Trump has been found to be Corona positive. As we know that He himself has given information about it by tweeting. Donald Trump's wife Melania Trump also infected COVID 19. The US president and his wife are quarantined and their treatment has begun.US President Donald Trump and his wife Melania Trump have been found infected with Corona. Trump himself gave this information by tweeting. He wrote, 'Tonight the Corona report of Mary and Melania Trump came back positive. As we know that  We will start our quarantine and recovery process immediately. We will fight it together. ' At the same side, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has wished early recovery and good health of US President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump.

Advisor Hope Hicks May Transition To Trump

It is noteworthy that Donald Trump said that he and his wife, Melania, were about to move to Quarantine after Hope Hicks, one of US President Trump's senior advisers, was found corona positive.

Let us tell you 31-year-old Hope Hicks is one of the few people closest to President Trump to be found corona infected. Let us tell you she travels with President Trump in his Air Force One aircraft.

Significantly, America has the highest infection in the world. Everyday a large number of new patients are coming out in America and India. More than 2 lakh people have died in America from Corona.

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As per the information, Prime Minister Modi tweeted, "I wish my friend Donald Trump and his Melania Trump speedy recovery and good health." Earlier Trump's personal advisor, Hope Hicks, was found corona infected. Hicks traveled with the president at Wednesday's rally. Let us tell you They were found to be corona infected on Thursday. This is the reason, President Trump and first lady Melania had quarantined themselves and got their corona examined. The result of which is positive.

Donald Trump Is Corona Positive, Know Here.

Hicks, 31, is the president's closest aide to the Coronavirus. As per the information He traveled with the President from Airforce One earlier this week. Trump said in an interview with Fox News Thursday night that he and the First Lady spend a lot of time with him. Let us tell you Trump is traveling to states due to the election campaign.

Let us tell you one of the president's most trusted aides, previously served as White House communications director. Let us tell you She has joined the administration once again before the elections this year. Many White House staffers have been infected with the virus, including Katie Miller, press secretary to Vice President Mike Pence, national security adviser Robert O. Bryan, and the president's personal servants.

Trump Paid The Price'

Global Times editor Hu Shijin tweeted after Trump found Corona positive, "President Trump and the First Lady paid the price of gambling for taking the Kovid-19 less seriously." This news is showing dangerous levels of epidemic in America. As per the information this will present a negative image of America and Trump and may affect their re-election.

Trump Is An Attacker On China

As per the information With the Corona epidemic spreading to the world, Donald Trump started attacking China. At the same time, a few days ago, the famous journalist Bob Woodward's book claimed that Trump had hidden the seriousness of the virus from the country.


As per the news US President Donald Trump has been found to be Corona positive. Let us tell you The test of his wife Melania Trump has also come positive. Both are now quarantined.

He is hardworking. She wears a lot of masks but turned positive. ' At the same time, the White House issued a statement that the President takes the health and safety of himself and the people working in his support and the people of America very seriously. As per the information the presidential debate a few days ago, Trump made fun of Biden for wearing a masque.

North Korean state media KCNA said that North Korean leader Kim Jong Un sent a message of sympathy to President Donald Trump and hoped to recover from the Coronavirus as soon as possible. KCNA reported that Trump and his wife have been offered their sympathy and good wishes by Kim.

KCNA stated "Kim sincerely hoped Trump would recover as soon as possible. He hoped that they would definitely overcome it." Trump and Kim developed an unprecedented relationship, with the US president and a North Korean leader The first meetings between the two and Trump once announced that they "fell in love" after having a conversation.

Donald Trump Is Corona Positive, Know Here.

Significantly, US President Donald Trump has been found positive with the coronavirus. Let us tell you, Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump also conducted their corona test after personal advisor Hope Hicks became corona positive, following which her report has come back positive. At the moment Donald Trump and Melania have quarantined themselves. Let us tell you Donald Trump had quarantined himself Thursday night after Hope Hicks returned positive. During the time, White House advisor Home Hicks became Corona positive. After which Trump and Melania Trump got their corona test done, in which they have been found positive with the coronavirus. This may hamper their election campaign. As per the news, America has a presidential election on November 3.

As per the news, President Trump himself gave information about corona getting infected by tweets. He said that he and his wife Melania Trump succumbed to corona infection. As per the news Prime Minister Narendra Modi wished President Donald Trump and his wife Melania to recover soon. PM Modi tweeted, "I wish my friend President Donald Trump and his wife Melania as soon as possible healthy and good health."

In fact, Donald Trump's personal advisor in the White House, Hope Hicks, had also become a victim of the Corona infection, and then President Trump had tweeted that his wife Melania Trump, after his personal advisor was coronated. Also got the corona tested.

Keep in mind that even when the coronavirus started spreading and the situation was getting serious in the US, US President Trump did not wear masks in many ceremonies. However, later he started using masks.

Before Corona became virus-positive, Trump had said that since his personal advisor, Hope Hicks, had become Kovid-19 positive, he would self-quarantine. Let us tell you that Hope Hicks traveled with Donald Trump in Air Force One on Tuesday for the Presidential Debate in Cleveland.

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