As per the news Due to Kovid-19, there will be no mass yoga programs on June 21 this year on International Yoga Day. As per the government order On this day, people will practice yoga in their respective homes. As per the information, Chief Secretary Rajendra Kumar Tiwari has given instructions. The Chief Secretary said that the event should be organized at the state level as per the guidelines of social distancing and the Government of India. The Chief Secretary said that all the residents of the state should do yoga at their homes from 7 am. Upload its video on social media with #YogawithCMYogi, #MyLifeMyYoga.

20 June (Language) The date of 21 June has acquired an important place in history in the last few years. Among other events, this date was recorded five years ago in the history of International Yoga Day, when on the initiative of Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, the United Nations called for the celebration of 21 June as International Yoga Day and on seeing the world All of the countries joined this campaign. Yoga Day is celebrated on 21 June across the world including India. And all participate in it with great vigor. One of the highlights of the day of June 21 is that it is the longest day in 365 days of the year and the continuous practice of yoga gives a person a long life, so it was decided to celebrate this day as Yoga Day. A series of other important events on the date of June 21 in history are as follows: –  1756: 146 Britishers were locked in a room after the surrender of Siraj-ud-Daulah, the Nawab of Bengal of the British army led by John Z. Halliwell. 123 of them died. As we know that 1862: Gyanendra Mohan Tagore became the first Indian to receive a law degree from Lincoln’s Inn. 1898: America defeats Spain and occupies Guam. 1933: Birth of India’s famous writer, novelist, playwright, critic, and satirist Mudrarakshas. 1948: C. As per the report Rajagopalachari became the Governor-General of India

As we know that He was the last Governor-General of the country. As per the information 1975: West Indies won the first Cricket World Cup. 1991 – P.V. Narasimha Rao becomes India’s ninth Prime Minister. 2001: Pakistan’s President Pervez Musharraf reinstates anti-terrorism law. 2003: JK Rowling’s fifth book Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix is released. Death.

2009 – Badminton star of India Saina Nehwal became the first Indian woman to win the title of Super Series Badminton Tournament. 2012: 90 refugees died due to the sinking boat going to Australia. 2015: First International Yoga Day was celebrated. Almost all the countries of the world are involved in this campaign to promote yoga to stay healthy at the initiative of India at the United Nations (This article is auto-uploaded from the feed agency.

Yoga is an ancient form of exercise, developed in Indian society thousands of years ago. This tradition, which is almost 5000 years old, has been practiced continuously since then. It involves a variety of exercises to keep a person in good shape, to get rid of various forms of diseases and disabilities. It is also considered to be a strong method for meditation, which helps calm the mind and body.

As we know that Today Yoga is being practiced all over the world. Around 2 billion people around the world practice yoga. Let us tell you Every year on June 21, International Yoga Day is celebrated to spread awareness about this ancient method. It started in 2015.

World Yoga Day In Covid-19
World Yoga Day

The Longest Day Is On 21 June

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said in his address to the United Nations General Assembly in 2014 that this is the day when the northern hemisphere has the longest day of the year. As we know that On this day the sun rises early and the sunset is the longest.

International Yoga Day History

On 11 December 2014, the United Nations General Assembly announced 21 June to be celebrated as International Yoga Day. As per the information, International Yoga Day is celebrated worldwide since 2015. As per the information, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had addressed the importance of yoga while addressing the United Nations General Assembly in September 2014.

As per the information Yoga Day has been given a theme this year, but this year due to the Coronavirus epidemic ie Kovid-19, people have been given a theme that will promote health and health. The International Yoga Day 2020 theme is ‘Doing Yoga with your family while at home’.

Year After Year, This Was The Theme Of International Yoga Day

2015: Yoga for Harmony and Peace

2016: Connect the youth

2017: Yoga for Health

2018: Yoga for Peace

2019: Yoga for Climate Action

1. Shilpa Shetty

As per the information Bollywood’s famous actress Shilpa Shetty is known for her films as well as her style. As we know that The 45-year-old actress does yoga to keep her body fit. As per the news He has shared many videos related to this on social media. As we know that Along with her, Shilpa Shetty always inspires fans to do yoga.

2. Malaika Arora

As we know that Bollywood Malaika Arora is counted among the most stylish actresses in the film world.As we know that The actress follows yoga quite well to keep herself fit and She always shares a photo or video related to yoga from her Instagram account.

3. Kareena Kapoor

As we know that Everyone wants to know the secret of fitness of Bollywood’s famous actress Kareena Kapoor. But let us tell you that to keep herself fit, the actress follows yoga very well along with the gym. As we know that A few days ago a video of her also became very viral, in which she was seen doing Surya Namaskar.

4. Urvashi Rautela

Let us tell you Urvashi Rautela, who has made her mark in the world of modeling and acting, is also known for her style. As we know that Urvashi Rautela exercises yoga in the gym and also uses yoga to keep herself fit.

5. Jacqueline Fernandes

As per the report, Bollywood actress JacquelingFernandis is everyone’s favorite for her style. As we know that there is also a Raj Yoga behind the stylish style of the actress, which she not only follows herself but also inspires fans to do yoga.


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