8 May is an important day in the history of the Red Cross Society. This is the day its founder or father, John Henry Dinant was born in 1828. His birthday i.e. We celebrated 8th May as World Red Cross Day. As per the information in the year 1901, Henry Dinant received the first Nobel Peace Prize for his human service work.

As per the news that It is Established in the year 1863 with the mission of protecting human life and health, the Red Cross is known for its volunteer work. As per the news that It is an international organization, headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland. As we know that this institution has received the Nobel Peace Prize in the years 1917, 1944, and 1963. 

It was founded by Henry Dudent, who was born on May 8.  Therefore, Red Cross Day is observed every year on 8 May. As we can see that This organization coordinates between governments of countries around the world in times of war and peace. Its main function is human service.

The main objective of the Red Cross Society is to provide relief from the troubles caused at the time of war or calamity. Its main objectives have been to help and treat wounded soldiers during the war, while the institution is playing its role in various health and social services ranging from a blood bank. As per the news that this institution which considers human service as the basic work, also helps the victims in a disaster like an epidemic. As per the information that the red cross mark on the white stripe is the mark of this institution which has a provision for imposing a penalty for misuse and even the property of the guilty person can be Expropriated.

As per the information that around 210 countries of the world are involved with this institution. The Red Cross Society in India was founded in the year 1920 according to the Parliamentary Act. As per the information the Red Cross Society has more than 700 branches in India. The principles of the Red Cross Society were accredited at the 15th International Conference in 1934, after which it was implemented worldwide.

History Of The Red Cross

There is some information about the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) was established in 1863. Its headquarters is located in Geneva, Switzerland. Indeed, in view of the tragedy that followed the First World War and the inhumane treatment of soldiers with their dead bodies, the need for an institution that could operate without discrimination in such a situation was felt.

Switzerland’s businessman John Henry Dunant witnessed the horrific scene of bloodshed during the war in Italy in 1859. Thousands of soldiers were killed and many were injured in a single day. There was no medical team there. Dunant became established founded it very sad to know this. He along with some people helped the injured soldiers and treated them. Not only this, but he also wrote letters to the family members of the injured soldiers.

Dunant mentioned this incident in one of his books. At the end of the book, he had advocated forming a society that could help people in odd circumstances. On his suggestion, the Geneva Public Welfare Society formed a committee in 1863. An international conference was organized by the committee in 1863. Representatives of 16 nations attended the conference. Many suitable proposals and principles were adopted at this conference.

There is information about The International Federation of Red Cross Societies (IFRC) demanded that the day be celebrated every year. As per the information that After which every year began to celebrate World Red Cross Day. As per the news that On May 8, 1948, the first World Red Cross Day was celebrated. In 1984, it was authoritatively named World Red Cross Day and founded Crescent Day.

The important Role of Red Cross in Corona Epidemic Period

The watchword of this society is – Identify the volunteer inside you. There is information about working on principles such as humanity, fairness, neutrality, independence, universality and unity, the role of this institution has become even more important in the times of the Corona crisis.

World Thalassemia Day is inspected every year on 8 May. The aim behind this is to make people aware of this serious blood-related disease Thalassemia. Thalassemia is primarily a genetic disease that occurs from parents to their children. In this disease, there is anemia in children, which is very harmful to health. On World Thalassemia Day, various health institutions organize awareness programs. However, the lockdown is going on in many countries around the world due to the Corona crisis and due to this, programs are not possible in many places. But to make you aware of this disease, today we are telling you what is Thalassemia, what are its symptoms and how can it be prevented.

Thalassemia is a genetic disease associated with blood. In general, the number of RBCs ie red blood particles in the body of a healthy person is 45 to 50 lakhs per cubic millimeter. In Thalassemia disease, these RBCs are rapidly destroyed and new cells are not formed. Generally, the average age of red blood particles is 120 days, which reduces to about 10 to 25 days in this disease. Due to this, there is a lack of blood in the body, and diseases caused by this make the person a victim.

Symptoms of thalassemia

It is a genetic disease. Therefore, these symptoms start appearing in children only after 6 months of birth.

Complaints of yellowing in the nails and tongue of children Growth of children means stagnation, malnutrition

Complaints like weight gain, weakness Shortness of breath, fatigue Complaints like abdominal bloating, thick urine, etc.

Do’s and don’ts

To avoid this disease, a person should eat less fat.

Green leafy vegetables and iron-rich foods should be consumed.

Regular yoga and exercise also prevent the disease.

The Blood Test Is Necessary

From time to time, parents should have blood tests done to prevent Thalassemia. After having a child, he should also have a blood test. Also, the condition of the fetus should be checked after four months of pregnancy. Doctors say that young people should get blood tests done before marriage.

Treatment Of Thalassemia

A person suffering from this disease is generally advised to take vitamins, iron, food supplements, and a balanced diet.

In severe circumstances, there is a need to change blood. Biologically it is proved that Bone marrow transplants may also be needed.

At the same time, surgery is used to remove the gallbladder.


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