A horrific rail accident occurred in Aurangabad, Maharashtra. A lumping train near Karmada trampled 16 people, killing them. As per the news that the health of one person is fragile and the lives of 4 people are narrowly saved. All these people used to work in a factory in the Jalna area. Which we’re going towards Bhusawal along the edge of the train tracks due to lockdown?

Emotional Moment

The bread that he left home in search of, is scattered near his lifeless body. In Aurangabad, Maharashtra, the sight of 16 workers being cut from a goods train is tearing the heart. There is the silence of death on silent tracks. As we all know that due to the lockdown, all these workers came 40 kilometers to go to their homes. When tired, I fell asleep on the track. But what he knew was that his journey would end.

Deadly Track

It is a fact that 18 laborers worked in a steel factory in Maharashtra. Work was closed due to lockdown. They surely thought that they should go home. The means of traffic in the lockdown were closed and they were to reach Aurangabad railway station. All these workers are being told of Madhya Pradesh, the train was running from Aurangabad to Madhya Pradesh. So, they left for the derailment station. According to reports, these people were walking from Jalna to Aurangabad. The total distance between the two is 60 kilometers.

They Must Have Thought ….The Train Won’t Come

Trains are not running between the Coronavirus lockdown. These people may not even get a train while walking. In such a situation, after getting tired at night, he put a bed on the track. This proved to be his biggest mistake. A train (goods train) passed from there in the morning and he was put to death.

Rotis Were Scattered On The Track

The morning scene near the track was frightening. There were corpses everywhere on the track. The goods and loaves of these people were scattered on the track which these people must have brought for the journey. People from the vicinity were making videos from far away. After that, this horrible accident Nobody dared to go to such a terrible scene.

The state government will provide financial assistance of Rs 5-5 lakh to the families of the laborers killed in the train accident. CM Uddhav Thackeray said that he will provide this assistance from the Chief Minister’s Fund.

Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray has expressed deep grief over this incident. He said that we are in constant touch with the Center to release as many trains as possible for workers and laborers. And soon arrangements will be made for the return of all. The Chief Minister has also called on to the workers not to lose patience.

After that we got to know about this the unfortunate incident that happened this morning, the Chief Minister immediately discussed with the Chief Secretary and senior officials of the Railway Administration and came to know about the incident.

In pursuance of SP Mokshada Patil, the four people who are left are in shock. Information about the accident is being sought after counseling them  In pursuance of preliminary information, these workers were from Madhya Pradesh and were going to their homes.

The goods of these laborers are spread at the scene. Their clothes, food, and food items brought together are scattered on the track.

According to the information received, all the laborers are residents of Sadol and Umriya districts of Madhya Pradesh. As per the information all the SRGs of Jalna used to work in the steel company. Exact ly At seven o’clock last evening, he left the company of Jalna. Today morning, at five past 15 minutes, the accident took place.

Names of those who died in the Aurangabad the train accident was Dhansing Gond-Shahdol, Nirvesh Sing Gond-Shahdol, Budhraj Sing Gond, Shahdol, Khushlal Sing-Umaria, Rabindra Sing Gond-Shahdol, Suresh Sing Kaul-Shahdol, Rajboharam Paras Sing-Shahdol, Dharmendrasing Gond. Shahdol, Birendra Sing Chansing-Umaria, Pradeep Sing Gond-Umaria, Santosh Napit, Brijesh Sheridan-Shahdol, Munimsing Shivratan Sing-Umaria, Sridayal Sing-Shahdol Masha Sing Chamdu Sing-Umaria, Deepak Sing Ashok Sing is God-Shahdol.

At the same time, Sajjan Singh Makhansing Dhurve Mandla is seriously injured. Apart from this, the lives of Indralal Kamalsing Dhurve-Mandla, Verendrasing Chansing Gaur-Umaria, Shivmansing Hiralal Gaur-Shahdol survived in this accident.

PM Modi has articulated sorrow over the Aurangabad incident. He said that I am deeply saddened by the deaths in the rail accident in Aurangabad, Maharashtra. In this matter, the Railway Minister has talked to Piyush Goyal and he is closely monitoring the situation. All the essentials help is being provided.

Also with, Railway Minister Piyush Goyal also tweeted on this incident. He said, ‘At 5:22 this morning, there was sad news about the sleeping workers coming under the goods train between Badnapur and Karma station of Nanded division. Assistance work is going on, and orders for inquiries have been given. I implore to God for the peace of departed souls.


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