At least 97 people died in a plane crash on Friday in Karachi, Pakistan, and two people somehow managed to survive. One of these survivors has a connection to India. Bank of Punjab’s top executive Zafar Masood was also on the flight, who was injured. His ancestry is in Amroha in western Uttar Pradesh and he belongs to the family of ‘Pakiza’ fame Kamal Amrohi.

In fact, just before landing near Karachi airport, the crash had killed more than 90 people. Zafar Masood was also traveling on the same plane, who is one of the two survivors of the accident. He has suffered injuries on the hip and collar bone.

As we know A major plane crash took place in Pakistan on Friday. As per the news, A PIA plane going from Lahore to Karachi crashed near Karachi airport. As per the Ministry of Health discussion that 97 people have died in this plane crash. Two people survived the accident. At the time of the accident, 99 people (91 passengers and 8 crew members) were in the aircraft.

As per the news, the PIA’s Airbus A320 flying from Lahore crashed near the model colony near Gate No. 2 in Malir Cantt and a minute before landing at the Jinnah International Airport in Karachi. As per the information Many houses in the area were damaged and considerable damage is also estimated. As per the information’s The aircraft, which has been standing for 50 days, was costlier to fly directly without doing fitness tests for the flight, in the densely populated area, there were reports of mostly houses being razed and dozens of deaths in residential areas.

After the accident, an emergency has been declared in all major hospitals of Karachi by the Health Ministry and security forces, ambulances, fire brigade, and emergency services are also present at the scene. One more thing about the news The pilot of this PIA aircraft PK 8303 was named Sajjad Gul, it also had one pilot and three air hostesses.

According to PIA officials, the captain informed the air traffic tower that he was finding something wrong with the landing gear of the aircraft and the aircraft then disappeared from the radar. As er the news PIA Chief Executive Air Vice Marshal Arshad Malik said that the pilot had told the traffic controller that he was experiencing some technical difficulties.

Malik dismissed reports that the aircraft had faults even before the flight. He said that the real cause of the accident will be known after an investigation which will be free and fair and will be made available to the media. Malik said that some houses have been damaged but none have collapsed. Till now no death has been reported on the ground.

Malik said that the whole campaign will take within two-three days. There is World News of Pakistan said that it had obtained a recording of the conversation between the pilot and ATC. As per the data, The pilot is heard saying, two engines have been lost. A few seconds later he said, Mede, Mede, Mede and there was no contact after this.

PM Imran Khan And Narendra Modi Expressed Sorrow

Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan has articulated, condolences on this entire incident, assuring all help. By Twitter, Imran tweeted that, “I am in touch with PIA CEO Arshad Malik, he has left for Karachi and is on the scene with rescue and relief teams, this is a precursory, right now.” The immediate investigation will begin.

On the other side, Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi has also expressed sorrow and expressed his condolences over the accident in Pakistan, PM Modi said, ‘The loss of life and property raised up  by a plane crash in Pakistan is deeply sad. Our mourning to the families of the dead and wishing for the early recovery of the injured.

Zafar Masood’s family moved to Pakistan in 1952. His relative in India Adil Zafar told. Adil Zafar is the first cousin of Masood’s mother to make a documentary film in Mumbai. Adil Zafar said that he met Masood in Karachi in 2015 and Masood loves India a lot and wants to go to Amroha to see his ancestral home.

Zafar Masood’s mother is directly related to Kamal Amrohi, as his maternal grandfather Taki Amrohi, who was a journalist in Pakistan was the cousin of the ‘Pakiza’ filmmaker. Masood’s family belongs to Saddo Mohalla of Amroha. As per the news information His grandfather Masood Hasan was a lawyer and his father Munawar Saeed was a TV artist in Pakistan.

As per media reports have said that many houses have been destroyed due to the plane’s grip. Rarely four houses have been reported to be completely demolished. Mostly vehicles parked outside the houses were also found in the grip of the aircraft which turned into fireballs. CCTV footage of this incident has been apparent, which can be seen as how the plane falls in the residential areas and there is a big explosion.

As per the news, The ‘Express Tribune’ report said that the aircraft, the A330 Airbus, was leased from China. Authorities have said that there was no defect in the plane earlier. Prime Minister Imran Khan has ordered an instantaneous investigation into the accident. Let me tell you that leaders of many countries including Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has expressed grief over this shocking accident.

As per the news report, the first attempt was trying to come back after failure, which is a common thing. Recently, an audio clip of the last moments during the Pakistan Plane Crash was revealed, which shows what was happening in the moments before the plane crashed. Simply before the accident, the pilot states that control has been lost from both engines on the plane. As per the report After this, the message of ‘Mayday, Mayday, Mayday has also been sent by the pilot, which is a message used worldwide on the occasion of the International Distress Message.

According to the deponent, the aircraft first crashed into a mobile tower and then crashed on houses in Jinnah Garden area of Mahler’s model colony. As per the report Footage in Pakistani media showed that the wreckage of the plane and some houses there caught fire. This accident occurred at a time when the airline has been started in Pakistan after the coronavirus lockdown a week ago.


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