Sanchore. The sensation spread in Sanchore town of Jalore district on Friday morning when a meteorite weighing 2.788 kg fell. This meteorite slid into the ground for about 5 feet.

It is said to be extremely valuable because it contains many metals.
The meteorite falling 2.788 kg caused a sensation
The incident took place at around 7 am, plunged into the ground by 5 feet

In recent times there have been incidents of Asteroids passing near the Earth. Meanwhile, a strange sight was seen in Rajasthan on Friday morning. Here in the morning, a bright object was seen falling in the sky, after which people were surprised after seeing it. It was actually a meteorite that fell in Sanchore town of Jalore district of the state. Due to this, however, no one was harmed but due to falling from the sky, it got sunk into the ground at a depth of about four to five feet.

According to local jewelers, it is a rare and precious piece. It is rich in germanium, platinum, nickel, and iron. According to a local person, when he was standing in the balcony in the morning, something was seen falling from the sky. I thought it was a bomb, but by then it had hit the ground and there was a loud bang.

The sound of the blast was heard up to 2 km away and after that a large number of people flocked to see it. Police removed it from the presence of administrative officials and secured it. According to police, this meteorite, which looks like a metal, weighs 2.788 kg.

This Is The Fourth Times Happen In A Year

Let me tell you that such an incident has already come to light in Rajasthan. Earlier in February this year, an Ulkpind passed over the Alwar city of Rajasthan. Alsubah saw a strong light in the sky around 5.30 pm and after that, there was panic among the people of the area. A similar incident also took place in Korba, Chhattisgarh between 10-11 June. Where a meteorite fell on the children playing on the road.

In July 2019, a meteorite had fallen in Rajasthan Nagla Kasota village and it was also quite large in size. Due to this, a 30-foot deep pit was built here. The incident was similar to what happened in Jaipur in 2017.

This Is A Meteorite

According to experts, the fraction of meteors that escapes from burning in the atmosphere reaches the earth, it is called a meteorite. Meteors can be seen in countless numbers each night, but the number of bodies that fall on Earth is very small. The bodies that fall on the earth are called meteors and stars that are broken in a colloquial manner.

2 Kg Piece Weighing 788 Grams

The administration team got this piece weighed and it turned out to be weighing 2 kg 788 grams. At the same time, metals were tested in a private lab located at the jeweler’s shop in Sanchore. It contains 10.23 nickel, 85.86 iron, platinum 0.0.5, Cobbie 0.78 geranium 0.02, antimony 0.01, niobium 0.01, other 3.02 percent.

Now There Will Be An Investigation In The Laboratory Of Astronomy

Meteorite Numa object has been captured by the police. It will now be investigated. According to the SDM, this piece will be sent to the laboratory of astronomy for examination. According to officials, the place where it fell has been covered by the police, where the team will investigate.

Is kept safe, will send to the laboratory for investigation

The chance site has been inspected on notice of an object falling from the sky with a loud sound. The prima facie appears to be a piece of meteorite, which has been seized and protected. It will be sent to the laboratory of astronomy for examination. 


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