Did Google Remove The App From The Store Under Pressure From China?

But on the other hand, Tech Crunch’s report says that Google has removed the Remove China app from the Play Store because it violated the Deceptive Behavior Policy. As per the government policy no user can change the settings of the device or the features of the app. Also, it cannot remove other apps.

Liu Dingdingtold the Global Times on Tuesday that this Indian sentiment would not affect the operations of Chinese companies in the South Asian country.

Liu said, promoting such a feeling will not be good for India’s own industrial development, because India will have to seek China’s help for it. This also proves that Google’s attitude is double.

As per the information Fu Sheng, on his social media account on Monday, “How can this app be put on the store? Doesn’t it violate Google’s policy? So in total Overall, Google has removed the Remove China app from the Play Store only after China’s opposition and pressure.

Friends App Also Removed From Play Store

Mitron App, which went viral in the name of Swadeshi was removed from the play-store in Tiktok’s collision. The Friends app violated spamming and content policies, which led to its removal. Now you will not find this app on Google Play Store.  Let me tell you that when the protest started in India against Tiktok, the Friends app suddenly went viral in the name of Swadeshi and more than 50 lakh people downloaded this F. A later report revealed that the Friends app is actually from Pakistan and has been purchased and published on the Play Store.

Helps to delete Chinese apps

Google generally removes apps for violating the Play Store policy. If the Remove China application is already downloaded on your phone, then it will still work. The way the name suggests, the REMOVE China application allows users to delete all the applications that have developed in China from their phones.

It scans the user’s device and lists the applications that are originally from China. The app lets the user decide which Chinese app they want to keep and which they want to remove.

App Popularity Increased Rapidly

More than 1 million people in India have installed this app on their phones, whose goal is to delete the Chinese apps on the smartphone. Till Tuesday morning, this app was the top free app on the Play Store. The Remove China app received a large number of positive reviews on the Google Play Store, with an average rating of 4.9 stars.

Its downloads also increased rapidly after its popularity on social media. The rapid growth of the app shows that a large number of smartphone users in India want to remove Chinese apps. This came at a time when India is under tension with China over the border.

50 Lakh People Had Done The Download In Just A Few Days

As per the data ‘Remove, China App’ in Google Play Store was downloaded more than 5 million times in a few weeks. As per the government order, Since the border dispute increased, there was an appeal to remove Chinese apps on various social media of India. Now This app was becoming popular among the growing anti-China sentiments arising due to the increasing tension on the India-China border in the country.

China Can Be A Big Loss

As we know that The ‘Chinese China app’ released on the 17th of last month can be deleted from alleged Chinese apps like TikTok, UC Browser. As per the information It has received 1.89 lakh reviews and 4.9 stars on the Google Play Store. One-Touch App Labs claims that it has been created for educational purposes so that the country that makes an app can be traced.

There Was A Stir In China

After the boycott of China in India, the sweat of China was extinguished. As per the report, it was said that there was a lot of discussion in China about this app. Let me tell you The Global Times said that the engineer is taking advantage of the anti-China environment created in India. This software can further damage the relations between India and China. Let us know that on Google Play, this app received 1.89 lakh reviews with a 4.9 rating. From this, the popularity of this app can be gauged.

That’s Why It Was Popular

As per the information This app was made by One Touch AppLabs of Jaipur company. Now This app reached the first position by joining the top-10 apps of Google Play Store. As per the report, The reason for this app being popular is the ongoing conflict between India and China. As we know that a number of campaigns are going on to boycott Chinese products. While suddenly the Remove China Apps app was considered as a weapon against China and a large number of Indians started downloading.

Indian Users Angry

As per the information Due to the removal of this app from the Play Store, users are questioning Google itself. As per the data, Many users have accused Google of favoring China. As per the government the Play Store first removed 8 million negative reviews from TicketLock’s rating of 1.2 to 4.4 and has now removed the Remove China apps. Isn’t this partisan behavior.


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