A strange voice was heard in the eastern areas of the city on Wednesday. As per the information, Agencies are trying to find out about this voice. Whether it was the sound of the earthquake, nothing can be said clearly yet, but sources say that this strange voice is ranging from International Airport, Kalyan Nagar, MG Road, Marathahalli, Whitefield, Sarjapur, Electronic City. Listened to Hebbagodi. Security agencies are finding out the source of this voice.

Meanwhile, DCP MN Anuchet of Whitefield The division said that a strange sound was heard in East Bangalore today. He said, ‘We are finding out the source of this voice. We have searched for the Whitefield area but there has been no loss there. ‘ People started coming out of their homes after hearing the sound of ‘thunder’.

Earlier, about this voice, city commissioner Bhaskar Rao said that no damage was reported in this development. We also came to know about this voice through the media. The official said that no damage has been reported on 100 numbers. The Air Force Control Room has also been asked to find out about this voice.

Sources say that this sound is not from an earthquake as no earth tremor was recorded on the seismometer. It was a sound from an unknown source. People say that the sound of thunder was so intense that the glass doors in the windows were shaken. People say that it seems that a supersonic plane took off from them. It sounded like the sound of an aircraft flying.

According to preliminary information, this loud sound was heard in Sarajapur, HSR, Whitefield and Hebbel areas of Bangalore. It is being told that the incident happened at around 1.20 pm. Some people in the area feared that the sound was like an earthquake. Meanwhile, the scientists at KSNDMC told our colleague Bangalore Mirror,
‘Earthquake is not the cause of the activity in Bangalore. The seismometer has not recorded any ground vibration (vibration in the ground), as during light shaking. This activity is completely an unknown loud voice. ‘
Now the question arises that what was the ‘boom’ that the people of Bangalore heard? As per the news that It is also believed that this may be the sound produced by the passing of a supersonic aircraft. However, no information has yet been received from the Air force.
Significantly, these days the whole world is struggling with the outbreak of Coronavirus. America is constantly accusing China of spreading the coronavirus worldwide. There is a lot of conflict between the two countries these days. In such a situation, when a bang sound was heard in Bengaluru, people were shocked.


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