Plasma Therapy

Plasma therapy is a tentative procedure for coronavirus or COVID-19 patients. Process treatment plasma from a Coronavirus patient who has Got recovered from this contagious disease, is transfused into a Coronavirus patient who is in delicate condition.
Plasma therapy has shown a silver lining in the treatment of coronavirus infection, which has become an enigma worldwide. This therapy has successfully treated a 49-year-old severely infected person for the first time in the country. This success has been achieved by doctors of Max, a private hospital in Delhi. Physicians are very excited about the recovery of the patient within four days of this therapy.
The hospital says that the patient, who was a resident of Defense Colony, was admitted on April 4 in the East Block of Max Hospital. He was confirmed to Corona in an investigation the same day. Initially, he had fever and difficulty in breathing, but within a day or two, the situation became serious. Due to this oxygen had to be given, but he got pneumonia. The lungs were also unable to function properly. Because of this, he had to support ventilators at ICU on 8 April.
At the same time, his family urged the hospital administration to treat him with plasma therapy. The donor also brought relatives himself, who had recovered three weeks earlier. Donner’s report twice came negative. Even after this, in addition to corona in Max, HIV, Hepatitis B, and C were tested. These reports were also given to the patient on April 14 after taking negative plasma from their blood.
According to the doctors, after four days the results were startling and the patient report came negative. Ventilator support was also removed on 18 April. Although he was being given oxygen. They have also started eating on Sundays.
Doctors say that this is a silver lining in the treatment of corona. Therefore, the government should make such a system that is easily available in hospitals, and hospitals across the country can use this technology in the treatment of patients. In this round of the challenge, a new treatment option has been found.
Dr. Sandeep Budhiraja (Group Medical Director and Senior Director of Internal Medicine, Max Health Care) says that it also has to be understood that plasma therapy is not magic. The treatment protocol was also followed in this. This led to rapid improvement in the patient.

However, there have been other reasons besides therapy in the hundred percent improvement.

Two patients can be saved from one donor Dr. Sandeep Budhiraja said that a donor can donate 400 ml of plasma. 200 ml of plasma is sufficient to treat a patient. In this way, two patients can be saved from one donor.
How effective plasma therapy is in treating coronavirus-infected patients will be explored in the PGI. The Indian Council of Medical Research has chosen PGI for this work.
Corona patients have started treatment with plasma therapy in many places in the country. However, it remains to be ascertained how effective the method is. For this information, the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) has selected PGI. After the proposal sent by PGI, ICMR sent a letter asking for consent, which has been approved. Soon, along with treatment with plasma therapy at PGI, it will also be found out on which patients the method will work.
According to the project’s Principal Investigator, Dr. Anupam Verma, the roadmap has been prepared. With this, PGI has become the first institute in UP to work on this project. Therapy has been started but has not been approved yet. The ICMR has been asked to conduct research on the therapy to find out if this method works on the corona. Plasma does not necessarily work for all patients who recover. An attempt will be made to find out which patients are effective in this therapy and which patients should be treated with this method. Dr. Rahul Katharia, Dr. Rajendra Chaudhary, Dr. Preeti Ellens and Dr. Dhiraj Khaitan of the Department of Transfusion Medicine is also involved in the research.

Will Give Plasma Of Two To One Infected

Dr. Anupam said that 500 mL of plasma will be taken from the body of cured patients. After freezing it at minus 40 degrees, we will divide it into two aliquots of 250-250 mL. The infected person will then be given a second allocation first and another 26 hours later. It has also been decided that a victim will be given plasma of two different individuals. The reason for this is that if one person has low immunity, then the other’s plasma should cover it.

What Is Plasma Therapy

The idea behind convulsant plasma therapy is that disease resistance can be transferred from a healthy person to a person’s body through blood plasma therapy. Convulsant plasma refers to the liquid portion of blood taken from a person who has been cured of a Kovid-19 infection. The blood rich in antibodies of the cured people will be used to cure the sick people in this therapy.
In fact, when a virus attacks a person, their body’s immune system develops proteins called antibodies to fight infection. If an infected person develops a sufficient amount of antibodies, he can recover from diseases caused by the virus.
If the clinical trial is successful, other patients suffering from this disease can be treated with the blood plasma of patients who have recovered from the corona. Professor Naval Vikram of the AIIMS Department of Medicine said that four people suffering from corona can be treated with the blood of a person who has been cured of the corona.
According to Dr. Naval Vikram, Professor of AIIMS Department of Medicine, this treatment system works on the assumption that patients who recover from an infection develop resistant antibodies that neutralize the infection in their body. After this, the antibodies present in the body of the new patient is eliminated by putting the blood of the old cured patients in the blood of new patients.


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