Tech company Google has been making doodles for a long time thanking Corona Fighters. Now in this episode, the company has made another doodle, through which people have appealed to stay in the house till lockdown. Also, the company has said that it is very important to stay home and make the social distance at this time. Let me tell you that due to Kovid-19 in India, there is a lockdown. At the same time, along with the Government of India, the general public is also making a significant contribution to preventing this virus. You will get information on clicking on Google. As soon as users click on this new doodle of Google, they will get handwashing tips related to Coronavirus. Apart from this, users will get the latest information related to CoronaVirus statistics, Coronavirus Guidelines, and CoronaVirus.

Google’s Special Doodle

Google has given this doodle as an animation. In this, the word G is reading the book, O is singing the song and the other O is playing the guitar. At the same time, the word G is busy on the phone, L is doing workouts at home, and E is talking on the phone. Google’s doodle shows that Coronavirus can be prevented by staying at home.

Lockdown Due To The Coronavirus

Keeping in mind the increasing impact of the coronavirus, the Indian government had put the entire country on lockdown, which would end on 3 May. However, given the state of the virus, it seems that the lockdown can be extended further. However, the Indian government has not yet shared official information regarding the lockdown period.

Coronavirus update

At present, 681 people have died due to Coronavirus in India, and 21,393 people are infected with it. At the same time, 4,258 people have been cured so far.

Google Doodle Story

Google Doodle is a special temporary change made by changing the logo on Google’s homepage to celebrate holidays, events, and people’s achievements.Doodles have since been organized and organized by a team of publishing staff known as ‘Doodlers’.

Today We Are Going To Tell You Who Started It And Who Makes This Doodle.

Whenever there is a special day, Google first changes its picture. We all use Google. And every day we see the pictures put by Google. Many times, by looking at Google’s picture, we know that it is a special day. But have you ever thought that who put these pictures on Google or who makes these pictures, all these pictures are called doodles, but have you ever thought what doodles mean, and when it started? And who did it?

Let us tell you that doodle makers work in a team. Today we are going to tell you who started it and who makes this doodle. Doodle was started in 1998. It was started by Larry Page and Sergey Burning when he was going to a festival. And he wanted to tell it to people through sketches. And this is how Doodle started. Doodle has become a big Facebook brand today

Ryan Garmick, who hails from the US, was fond of drawing since his childhood. This hobby of his childhood has become a medium of employment for him today. Today, millions of people in the world praise his drawings. Ryan and his team work hard day and night because there is a unique confluence of technique with painting.

Coronavirus Prevention Tips Of Google Doodle

To prevent the spread of Coronavirus infection, Google has advised people to stay at home by creating a doodle. GOOGLE’s letters usually appear together, but in today’s doodles, they are shown living in different houses. Not only this, but all these letters are also shown in different activities such as book reading, playing music, or exercising.

With this doodle, Google has given a message saying, “Stay at home, save lives. Kovid-19 is engaged in affecting communities around the world, so follow these steps and help prevent infection from spreading.” Clicking on Google Doodle opens the Coronavirus tips page. In this, people have been given the message that to stop COVID-19, these tips should be followed:

Stay At Home.

Keep A Safe Distance.

Wash Hands Frequently.

Cover Mouth While Coughing.

If You Are Sick, Call

After this, the suggestions given by the World Health Organization (WHO) have been elaborated. The banner reads, “Protect yourself and those around you by knowing the facts and adopting the right methods of protection. Follow the suggestions for your local health agency.”

Also, wash your hands, cough or sneeze for 20 seconds in between with soap and water, cover mouth and nose with tissue or elbow, keep a proper distance from sick people, avoid touching face with dirty hands, Kovid-19 Symptoms such as feeling cold or fever are said to isolate oneself and follow the advice of the health agency.

How To Wash Your Hands By The Google

Google Made Doodles On Ignas Service And How To Wash Hands

To avoid the havoc of Corona around the world, everyone is advised to wash hands thoroughly. In such a situation, Google has tried to show everyone how to wash their hands through special doodles. Through an animated video, Google has introduced the right-hand washing technique to the public.


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