TV actress Deepika Kakkar has obtained immense and love reward from her followers over time and extra throughout her time on the ‘Bigg Boss 12’ home the place she additionally emerged because the winner. Recently, the actress slammed netizens who spoke towards the household of her husband, Shoaib Ibrahim and likewise mentioned that he has made her a ‘naukraani’ (maid).

The couple performed a stay session on YouTube and addressed the adverse feedback directed in the direction of Shoaib and his household. While Shoaib was calm and mentioned he was disillusioned with the hurtful remarks of social media consumer claiming that he took away his spouse’s privateness, Dipika was furious and bashed netizens for saying imply issues about her household.

Shoaib’s father, who suffered a mind stroke and was lately discharged from the hospital after a couple of weeks. To accommodate their ailing dad, the couple shifted him of their bed room and moved to the visitor bed room themselves. Shoaib shared that he has been receiving messages of being unfair to the actress.

In the video, Dipika mentioned, “Sharam karo tum log (Have some shame).” She added, “Uski privacy le li (You have taken her privacy). These are the kind of messages you have been dropping to him. You should be ashamed of yourself.”

The actress continued, “I pity you guys. My in-laws have treated me like a daughter and I love and care for them as my own. If for them, we have to even sleep in the car or on the streets, we are ready to do that too. You guys say you are concerned for me? Get lost. I don’t need such concern.” Taking a jibe at trolls over modernisation, Shoaib mentioned, “If modernisation means that you do not love your family or take care of them, then we are happy being old school.”

The couple additionally talked about how Dipika is being criticised for selecting to remain house and never taking extra profession alternatives. “Aaplog kehte ho ke actor ko naukrani bana diya hai (You guys say we have made an actor a servant at home),” Shoaib mentioned. Dipika then mentioned that she will do all of the work single-handedly.

Calling folks out, Dipika mentioned, “I think they are frustrated in their own lives and can thus never find satisfaction and happiness. I have worked tirelessly for years and now it’s my choice to do fewer projects. People who have an issue with me cooking and cleaning my house, I want to ask them if they use the same term for their mothers?”

As the video neared its finish, the couple mentioned that they’ll “not hear a word against their family”. Dipika acknowledged that she is okay with being orthodox, ‘conservative and old school,’ and added that added they’re joyful this fashion.


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