Salman Khan and Jacqueline Fernandez’s romantic track ‘Tere Bina’ is making a splash on social media as soon as it is released. The song is going viral as soon as it is released. Along with this, the third character who appeared in this song with Salman and Jacqueline has also made a lot of headlines. Viewers are looking very eager to know who is the baby girl seen in this song with Salman and Jacqueline. Please tell that in this song, the child has played the role of Salman and Jacqueline’s daughter.

Salman Khan has launched Siena through this song. Sienna is the youngest daughter of actress Valucha de Souza who is heartbroken by her innocence.

Let me tell you that due to the coronavirus lockdown, without you, the song has been shot at Salman Khan’s farmhouse. Along with this, everyone from the set to the makeup and hairstyle stars has done it themselves. Let me tell you that Salman himself has sung and directed the song ‘Tere Bina’, composed by his friend Ajay Bhatia and written by Shabbir Ahmed.

This song has been composed with limited resources. During the shoot of the song, all the rules of lockdown were followed. The song is shot entirely in Salman Khan’s farmhouse in Panvel. Beautiful scenes around Panvel have also been captured.

In the lockdown, Bollywood stars are leaving no stone unturned to make use of free time. But if someone is using this lockdown in commercial as well as entertainment, then it is Salman Khan of Bollywood. Salman Khan and Jacqueline Fernandes’s new song ‘Tere Bina’ has been released. A new face was also seen in this video.

Salman Khan’s latest track Tera Bina has been released. This song was shot in lockdown by Salman Khan at his farmhouse in Panvel. Jacqueline Fernandes is seen with him in the video. The special thing is that Salman has also directed the music video.

Actually, in the video, a girl is also seen in the role of Salman Khan and Jacqueline Fernandes’s daughter. People are aware of Salman and Jacqueline, but this girl’s face is new to the people. And in the lockdown, it is even more surprising to see the girl in this video shot in Salman’s farmhouse. So let us tell you, this girl is Sienna Robinson, the daughter of Indian model Valuscha De Sousa.

How Did This Song Form Amid Lockdown, How Was It Shot?

There was no helper to help Salman Khan and Jacqueline while shooting the song. Both of them did everything from their makeup, hair to the arrangement of the set. Jacqueline kept a natural look. Salman said that this video was shot in Panvel’s farmhouse in the presence of three people. In which he included himself, Jacqueline, and DOP. Salman said that he shot this song in four days. Salman, we used to shoot from 5.30 pm to 6.30-7 pm.

This song has been composed with limited resources. During the shoot of the song, all the rules of lockdown were followed. This song is shot entirely in Salman Khan’s farmhouse in Panvel. Beautiful scenes around Panvel have also been captured. Regarding this song, Salman said- We came to the farmhouse 7 weeks ago. We did not know that we would be locked down here. So we wanted to do things that kept us busy. Then we decided to sing. We released Pyaar Corona first and then without you.

Jacqueline said- We shoot with big production cost on big sets. There is a costume, makeup all there. But suddenly we got a team of three people. For the first time, I was checking the light, moving props. It was a great experience. From this, I learned how to work with what you have.

Due to the coronavirus in the country where the lockdown continues. At the same time, recently, Bollywood’s Bhaijaan i.e. Salman Khan is going to give a new gift to the fans once again. Actually, Salman Khan’s new song ‘Tere Bina Song’ is going to be released soon. Salman Khan gave this information in a video. Let me tell you, before this, the song ‘PyarKarona’ of the actor was released. This song by Salman Khan got a lot of love from the fans.

At the same time, now Salman Khan is going to bring a new song after the immense success of the ‘PyarKarona’ Song. However, this time Salman Khan will be seen opposite actress Jacqueline Fernandez in the song ‘Tere Bina’. At the same time, while giving an interview with Jacqueline Fernandes, Salman is saying, “One song was in my mind. So I thought that we release the song at this time. So inside our building Galaxy, there is a childhood friend of ours. , Whose name is Ajju Bhatia. So when he narrated this song, I liked it very much. “

Is Valusha In Salman’s Farmhouse?

Valusha is also present these days with her family in Salman Khan’s Panvel farmhouse. Valusha has very good relations with Salman and his family. In an interview with Valusha, Salman had said- ‘The song was in my mind so I thought I would release it now. It is a learning experience in which a song can be shot comfortably with the help of three people. We did not need any makeup artist nor any hairstylist.

Valucha also made a Bollywood debut with Shah Rukh Khan’s film Fan. However, his career did not benefit much from this film. At the same time, Nach Baliye Season 9 has also been seen as a host.

Let me tell you, actress and model Valucha de Souza has three children – Chanel Robinson, Brooklyn Robinson, and Sienna Robinson. She married Mark Robinson in 2002. However, this couple decided to separate after 11 years of marriage. Both of them got divorced in 2013.

Who Is Valusha?

Please tell me that Valusha has been a part of Miss India. At the age of 17, Valusha has done an ad for Pepsi with Shahrukh Khan. Apart from this, Hyundai Car, Jaipur Jewels, L’Oreal, Avon Haircare Naturals have also been seen in the commercials. Galusha made an acting debut in Shah Rukh Khan’s film Fan in 2016.

Talking about his personal life, he married Mark Robinson in Goa. Although both are now divorced. They have three children of which Siena is the youngest.


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