In the situation of Coronavirus lockdown, on the one hand, most of the companies faced a huge decline in sales, while Parle G Biscuit recorded sales. The company has not liberated detailed data but has stated that in March, April and May, Parle G has had the highest sales in the last 8 decades. As per the news that the speakest number of sales since the company opened in 1938. As per the information the Economic Times has given this information in a report.

There is information that Parle G Biscuit has Rs 5 became a support for migrant workers during the crisis. As per news that when the emigrant laborers who traveled thousands of kilometers on foot bought it a lot, from NGOs to the common people, they distributed biscuits to the poor and destitute. With the declaration of lockdown, common people also bought biscuits and placed them in the houses, fearing bad times. Parle G Biscuit becomes very popular in the country and people like to eat this biscuit with tea at home.

Mayank Shah, the category head of Parle Products said that we have enhanced our market share by 5% and only Parle-G contributes 80-90% of this growth. It is unprecedented. ”

Parle G Production In Lockdown.

On March 24, after some days the start of the lockdown, companies such as Parle resumed production. Some of these companies prepared transport facilities to transport their employees. There is news that after the factory opened, the focus of the companies was on the production and maximum sales of popular products.

What Experts say?

Anuj Sethi, senior director, Crisil Ratings, who recently impishnesseda survey on FMCG, said, “Whatever was available, customers were buying, whether expensive or cheap.” Some players may have focused on expensive products as well. ”He said that for the last one-and-a-half years, companies were trying to reach the rural areas, it proved to be beneficial for them in the lockdown caused by the epidemic.

Increased sales

Experts say that in the last three months there has been the highest jump in every different priced biscuit sale. As per the data, Sales of Britannia, Good Day, Tiger, Milk Bikis, Burbank, Marie, Parle’s Crackerjack, Monaco, and Hyde & Seek have also grown a lot during the lockdown.

Many had nothing but biscuits.

Parle G has focused on the low-priced Parle-G brand, as it has good reach thenceforward all categories of customers. The company also reinforced its distribution channel within a week, so that the product remains available everywhere. Mayank Shah said that as per the situation of Lockdown, Parle G became a simple meal for many people. Many people had nothing but this. This is a common man’s biscuit. This is for those who cannot buy bread, they buy Parle G.

40 crore Parle-G Biscuits production every day.

Hereabout40 crore Parle G Biscuits are produced every day on normal days. Many interesting comparisons are made about this. It is well-known said that in a month Parle G is produced so much that biscuits can be spread from the earth to the moon. If you mix the expenditure of Parle G Biscuits in a year, then the calculations can be C around the Earth about 192 times.

There is a production of Parle G Biscuits are developed in 130 factories in the country. Of these, 120 are contract manufacturing units and 10 have their own factories. The manufacturer for biscuits in India can be around 36 to 37 thousand crores in 2020.

Five rupees price is a big reason

During the lockdown, people main to keep this biscuit in their homes the most. Due to the price of five rupees, it was the most obtainable to the people. At the same time, Parle G was the most dispensed among the needy people to whom biscuits were distributed. At the same time, its subservience was not allowed to be reduced even in remote villages and cities amid lockdown. The biscuit was arriving at sundry outlets within seven days of its end. Those who could not buy bread, they were also buying Parle G.Mayank Shah said that Parleji was the most common food item amid the lockdown. Most of the people had only this biscuit lunch, dinner, and breakfast. Many state governments also wrote to us to increase the utility of Parleji. At the same time, mostly NGOs also bought it to distribute. We had been producing biscuits persistence since 25 March.


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